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Operation; Maintenance - Makita BSS500 Instruction Manual

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Connecting a vacuum cleaner
When you wish to perform clean cutting operation,
connect a Makita vacuum cleaner to your tool. Install the
dust nozzle on the tool using the screw. Then connect a
hose of the vacuum cleaner to the dust nozzle as shown
in the figure.


Always insert the battery cartridge all the way until
it locks in place. If you can see the red part on the
upper side of the button, it is not locked completely.
Insert it fully until the red part cannot be seen. If not,
it may accidentally fall out of the tool, causing injury
to you or someone around you.
Be sure to move the tool forward in a straight line
gently. Forcing or twisting the tool will result in
overheating the motor and dangerous kickback,
possibly causing severe injury.
If the tool is operated continuously until the battery
cartridge has discharged, allow the tool to rest for
15 minutes before proceeding with a fresh battery.
1. Dust nozzle
2. Screw
1. Dust nozzle
2. Hose
3. Vacuum cleaner
Hold the tool firmly. The tool is provided with both a front
grip and rear handle. Use both to best grasp the tool. If
both hands are holding saw, they cannot be cut by the
blade. Set the base on the workpiece to be cut without
the blade making any contact. Then turn the tool on and
wait until the blade attains full speed. Now simply move
the tool forward over the workpiece surface, keeping it
flat and advancing smoothly until the sawing is
To get clean cuts, keep your sawing line straight and
your speed of advance uniform. If the cut fails to properly
follow your intended cut line, do not attempt to turn or
force the tool back to the cut line. Doing so may bind the
blade and lead to dangerous kickback and possible
serious injury. Release switch, wait for blade to stop and
then withdraw tool. Realign tool on new cut line, and
start cut again. Attempt to avoid positioning which
exposes operator to chips and wood dust being ejected
from saw. Use eye protection to help avoid injury.
Rip fence (guide rule) (Accessory)
The handy rip fence allows you to do extra-accurate
straight cuts. Simply slide the rip fence up snugly against
the side of the workpiece and secure it in position with
the screw on the front of the base. It also makes
repeated cuts of uniform width possible.


Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the
battery cartridge is removed before attempting to
perform inspection or maintenance.
Adjusting for accuracy of 90° cut (vertical cut)
This adjustment has been made at the factory. But if it is
off, adjust the adjusting screws with a hex wrench while
inspecting 90°
the blade with the base using a
triangular rule or square rule, etc.


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