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DEFROST automatically defrosts all the foods shown in the
Round the weight to the nearest half pound. (Ex: if the steak's actual
weight is 2.2 lb round to 2.0 lb If the steak's weight is 2.4 lb round
to 2.5 lb.)
To enter weight, touch the desired DEFROST pad for a 0.5 lb
increase per touch. (Ex: touch four times for 2.0 lb.)
• Suppose you want to defrost a 2.0 pound steak.
1. Quickly touch Steak/Chops pad 4 times for 2.0 lb. The
microwave oven will start automatically.
The microwave oven will stop and directions will be displayed.
Follow the indicated message.
2. After the 1st stage, open the door, turn steak over and shield any
warm portions. Close the door. Touch STaRT pad.
3. After the 2nd stage, open the door and shield any warm portions.
Close the door. Touch STaRT pad.
After defrost cycle ends, cover and let stand as indicated in chart.
Ground Meats
.5 - 2.0 lb
.5 - 3.0 lb
.5 - 3.0 lb
Keep Warm allows you to keep food warm up to 30 minutes.
• Suppose you want to keep a cup of soup warm for 15 minutes.
1. Touch keep Warm pad.
2. Enter time 1,5,0,0.
3. Touch STaRT pad.
The microwave oven will start. The display will show 15.00 and
count down. KEEP WARM will be displayed during the count down.
You can program Keep Warm with manual cooking to keep food
warm continuously after cooking.
Operating Instructions
Special features
Remove any thawed pieces after each stage. Let stand, covered, for 5 to 10 minutes.
After each stage, rearrange and if there are warm or thawed portions, shield with small flat pieces of
aluminum foil. Remove any meat or fish that is nearly defrosted. Let stand, covered, for 10 to 20 minutes.
After each stage, if there are warm or thawed portions, rearrange or remove. Let stand, covered, for 10 to
20 minutes.
1. If you attempt to enter more or less than the allowed weight as
indicated in chart, ERROR will appear in the display.
2. DEFROST can be programmed with More or Less Time
Adjustment. See page 14.
3. To defrost other foods or foods above or below the weights
allowed on DEFROST CHART use time and 30% power. See
Manual Defrost on page 9.
4. You may choose to enter the weight in tenths of pounds. This
procedure may be easier with larger weights, such as 3 pounds,
because it requires fewer touches. To program, touch desired
DEFROST pad and enter weight by touching the number pads.
Ex: touch Steaks/Chops then 3 and 0 for a weight of three
pounds or touch Steaks/Chops then 2 and 2 for a weight of
2.2 lb.
5. To use any DEFROST pad, touch within 3 minutes after cooking,
opening and closing the door or touching the Clear/off pad.
• Suppose you want to cook a cup of soup for 2 minutes at 70%
and keep the soup warm for 15 minutes.
1. Enter cooking time 2,0,0.
2. Touch Power level pad 4 times for 70% power.
3. Touch keep Warm pad.
4. Enter time 1,5,0,0.
5. Touch STaRT pad.
The operation will start. When the cooking time is complete, a long
tone will sound and keep Warm will start. The display will count
down for 15 minutes and KEEP WARM will be displayed during the
count down.
NoTE: Keep Warm cannot be programmed with SPECIAL


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