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Configuring Bluetooth Settings; Bluetooth Audio Device - Sony MEX-BT5750U Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth audio system.
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Configuring Bluetooth Settings

Before connecting to a Bluetooth device,
configure the Bluetooth Settings on this unit.
Press (BT).
The Bluetooth settings menu appears.
Rotate the control dial until the
desired menu item appears, then
press the select button.
Depending on the setting, by rotating the
control dial again, other items can be set.
Rotate the control dial to select the
setting, then press the select button.
To return to the previous display
To exit the Bluetooth settings menu
Press (BT).
Bluetooth Settings menu
Switches the Bluetooth signal output of this unit
to "on" or "off."
– "on": to output the Bluetooth signal.
– "off": to not output the Bluetooth signal.
Be sure to set to "on" when you connect from a
Bluetooth device.
Allows other Bluetooth devices to search for
this unit.
– "Show": to allow the other device to search.
– "Hide": to not allow the other device to search.
Be sure to set to "Show" when you search for
this unit from a Bluetooth device.
Device Name
Changes the name of this unit displayed on
connected device. (Default setting: "XPLOD")
Select "Rename" and input characters. Up to 13
characters can be input.
To restore "XPLOD," select "Default."
Searches for other Bluetooth devices (page 23).
Device List
Shows the list of registered devices.
Select the name of device to connect / to
disconnect from this unit.
To delete all devices, select "Delete All."
Auto Answer
"off": to not start a call until
– "Short": to start a call automatically when
received, about 3seconds later.
– "Long": to start a call automatically when
received, about 10seconds later.
Switches the ring tone.
– "Cellular*
": to output the ring tone set with
the cellular phone.
– "Default": to output this unit's ring tone.
EC/NC Mode*
(Echo Canceller/Noise
Canceller Mode)
Reduces echo and noise in phone call
Set to "Mode 1" normally. If the quality of the
outgoing sound is unsatisfactory, set to "Mode
2" or "off."
MIC Gain*
Changes the volume level: "–2," "–1," "0," "+1,"
MIC Select*
– "External": to automatically switch to the
external microphone when it is connected.
– "Internal": to select only the Built-in
Initializes all Bluetooth-related settings
(page 29).
*1 Depending on the cellular phone, this unit's ring
tone may be output even if set to "Cellular."
*2 Configurable during a call.
*3 Cannot be switched during a call.
• For details on the settings of other Bluetooth
devices, see their respective manuals.
• If you select "Initialize," all stored settings of the Call
menu and Bluetooth Settings menu are deleted.
(handsfree) is



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