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Cd/usb; Number Buttons - Sony MEX-BT5750U Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth audio system.
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J SEEK +/- buttons
To skip tracks (press); skip tracks
continuously (press, then press again within
about 1 second and hold); reverse/fast-
forward a track (press and hold).
To tune in stations automatically (press); find
a station manually (press and hold).
Bluetooth audio device*
To skip tracks (press); reverse/fastforward a
track (press and hold).
K BT (BLUETOOTH) button page 22, 23,
25, 29
L MODE button page 15, 19, 21, 27
16, 27, 28
Bluetooth phone*
To enter the Phonebook Access menu.
N SCRL (scroll) button
To scroll the display item.
O Frequency select switch (located on the
bottom of the unit)
See "Frequency select switch" in the
supplied installation/connections manual.
P Number buttons


(1): REP page 17, 18, 20
(2): SHUF page 17, 18, 20
(3)/(4): ALBUM -/+ page 20
To skip albums (press); skip albums
continuously (press and hold).
(5): DM+
Improves digitally compressed sound,
such as MP3.
To activate the DM+ function, set "on."
To cancel, set "off."
(6): PAUSE
To pause playback. To cancel, press
To receive stored stations (press); store
stations (press and hold).
(1): REP page 29
(2): SHUF page 29
(3)/(4): ALBUM -/+ page 29
To pause playback. To cancel, press
Bluetooth phone:
To call stored dials.
Q DSPL (display) button page 16, 18, 20
R AUX input jack page 32
To connect a portable audio device.
S Built-in Microphone
Do not cover the microphone, the handsfree
function may not work properly.
T RESET button page 7
U Disc slot
To insert the disc.
V Z (eject) button
To eject the disc.
*1 In the case of a CD changer being connected;
when (SOURCE) is pressed, "CD" and the unit
number will appear in the display. Furthermore, if
(MODE) is pressed, you can switch the changer.
*2 When a Bluetooth audio device (supports AVRCP
of Bluetooth technology) is connected. Depending
on the device, certain operations may not be
*3 Supports PBAP, handsfree connection only.



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