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Troubleshooting - LG 500LC User Manual

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Symptom : Any horizontal noise appearing in any image or characters are not
clearly portraid.
Possible Causes :
The input signal data has not been optimized for the current operating mode.
(Adjust the CLOCK PHASE by using the OSD function.)
Symptom : Check Signal Cable message.
Possible causes :
The signal cable is not connected.
Symptom :
Possible causes :
The frequency of the sync input is outside the operating range of the monitor.
Horizontal Frequency: 31kHz-61kHz
Vertical Frequency: 56Hz-75Hz
* Use the graphics board's utility software to change the frequency setting (Refer to
the manual for graphics board).
* You can change the setup to the supported resolution using the Safety Mode (Press
the F8 key during booting the system.).
Symptom : The power LED is illuminated amber.
Possible causes :
Display power management mode.
These is no sync signal.
The signal cable is not fastened securely.
Check the computer power and graphics adapter configuration.
Symptom : The image on the SCREEN is not centered, too small, or too large.
Possible Causes:
Image adjustment not been done yet in the current operating mode. Use the
SELECT and or buttons to set the image to your liking (H/V Position, Clock).
Symptom : The monitor doesn't enter the power saving off mode (Amber).
Possible Causes :
Computer video signal is not VESA DPMS standard. Either the PC or the video
controller card is not using the VESA DPMS power management function.
Sympton : During the adjustment of the vertical position, the screen image can
suddenly disappear.
Possible Causes :
Some input signal data not described in the manual may have this
phenomenon because the image processor has limitations covering all the
image process. (Adjust the vertical position again by using the OSD function.)
Outside Range Limits message appears.
Picture is blank.


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