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Low Radiation Compliance (Mpr Ii); Self Diagnostics; Ddc (Display Data Channel) - LG 500LC User Manual

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Low Radiation Compliance (MPR II)

This monitor meets one of the strictest guidelines available today for low radiation
emissions, offering the user extra shielding and an anti-static screen coating.
These guidelines, set forth by a government agency in Sweden, limit the amount
of emission allowed in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Very Low
Frequency (VLF) electromagnetic range.

Self Diagnostics

This monitor can sense when there is a possible problem present and informs
you of this condition by presenting you with a SELF DIAGNOSTICS OSD. This
OSD may pop up when it is ON but no signal is detected. In this case the
message Check Signal Cable will be highlighted, alerting you to check the signal
cable connections.

DDC (Display Data Channel)

DDC is a communication channel over which the monitor automatically informs
the host system (PC) about its capabilities.This monitor has DDC function;
DDC2B carries out uni-directional communication between the PC and the
monitor. Under these situations, the PC sends display data to the monitor but not
commands to control the monitor settings.
PC must support DDC functions to do this.
Some older computer systems are not compatible with the DDC
standard. If your monitor is displaying a monochrome image or the
wrong resolution, you need to change to a DDC compatible VGA
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