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Device Drivers - LG CRD-8480B Owner's Manual


8/13/99 10:54 AM

Device Drivers

When using Windows 98/95 or Window NT Workstation Ver. 4.0, the
installation of any software driver or special device is not required.
This CD-ROM drive is supplied with MS-DOS drivers on a 3
These drivers are required to use the CD-ROM drive in DOS and Windows 3.1.
Drivers for other Operating Systems are not normally required or available as
they usually have an generic IDE, E-IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM driver built in; Windows
95, 98, NT 3.51 and higher and OS/2 Warp 3.0 are such examples.
If it is necessary to edit any file manually, first make a backup copy on a floppy
disk, then edit the original file, save it to your hard drive, exit, and re-boot the
PC to ensure the change will be implemented.
Running the Install Program (MS-DOS Installation)
1. Insert the diskette into the appropriate drive with DOS booting.
2. Go to the floppy drive by typing A: or B: at the DOS prompt, as appropriate.
3. Type the word INSTALL and press [ENTER].
4. The INSTALL program will begin loading. When loading is complete, the
INSTALL program identification will appear on screen.
5. Follow the instructions on screen.
6. When installation is complete, remove the diskette and reboot your PC.
For Windows 98/95 Users
In order to ensure normal drive operation, please check the following:
¥ The drive is displayed in
[control panels]-[system]-[device manager]-[CD-ROM]
¥ 32-bit is displayed in
[control panels]-[system]-[performance]
If the drive is not recognized by your computer, please check the following
¥ If a
indicator is displayed on the IDE controller in [control panels]-
[system]-[device manager]-[harddisk controller], you will need to contact
your PCÕs manufacturer or the motherboardÕs manufacturer and get the
appropriate IDE controller driver.
Run ADD NEW HARDWARE in Control Panel to let PC search again for new
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-inch floppy disk.

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