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Unpacking; Description; Parts List; Accessories - Craftsman 172.281290 Operator's Manual

8.0 amp / variable speed / reversible 1/2-in.hammer drill
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Your tool should NEVER be connected to the power source
when you are assembling parts, making adjustments, installing or removing
bits, cleaning or when it is not in use. Disconnecting the drill will prevent
accidental starting, which could cause serious personal injury.
1. Remove the hammer drill from the storage / carry case and inspect it carefully to
make sure that no breakage or damage has occurred during shipping.
2. Do not discard any of the packing materials until all parts are accounted for.
3. Included with this hammer drill is an auxiliary handle, a depth stop rod, and a
chuck key.
4. If any of the parts are damaged or missing (refer to PARTS LIST below), return the saw
to your nearest Sears store or Craftsman outlet to have the tool replaced.
If any parts are missing, DO NOT operate this tool until the
missing parts are replaced. Failure to do so could result in possible serious
personal injury.
1. Hammer Drill
2. Auxiliary Handle
3. Depth Stop Rod
4. Chuck Key
5. Carrying / Storage Case
Do not attempt to modify this tool or create accessories not
recommended for use with this tool. Any such alteration or modification is
misuse and could result in a hazardous condition leading to possible serious
personal injury.


NOTE: Before attempting to use this product, familiarize yourself with all
operating features and safety rules.
Your Hammer Drill has a precision-built electric motor and it should be connected to a
120-volt, 60-Hz AC ONLY power supply (normal household current). DO NOT operate on
direct current (DC). The large voltage drop will cause a loss of power and the motor will
overheat. If the drill does not operate when plugged into correct 120-volt, 60-Hz AC ONLY
outlet, check the power supply. This hammer drill has a 10-ft., 2-wire power cord
(no adapter needed).
This Hammer Drill has the following features:
1. 8.0 Amp Motor
Provides torque, power and durability to handle continuous heavy-duty rotary or
hammer drilling jobs
2. Mode Selector Switch
For easy changes to rotary or hammer drilling applications
3. Rotary Drilling
Variable speed 0-2800 / min (no-load speed) allows matching drilling / driving speed to
bits and materials in a variety of job applications such as hard or soft woods, metal and
various building materials.
4. Forward / Reverse Lever
Conveniently located, reverse to back out screws and jammed bits when rotary
drilling / driving
5. Hammer Drilling
Variable speed 0-44,800 BPM (blows per minute) impact rate, for fast drilling in
concrete, brick, stone and tile
6. Variable Speed Trigger Switch
Controls speed, increase pressure for higher speed and torque
7. Power Lock-on Button
For use in continuous stationary hammer drilling applications
8. 1/2-in. Keyed Steel Chuck
Tighten bits quickly and securely with chuck key and spindle lock
9. Spindle Lock
Manually lock chuck's spindle shaft for safe, secure tightening of bits in chuck
10. 360° Auxiliary Handle and Rear Handle with Soft-Grip
Provides maximum balance, control and gripping comfort. Auxiliary handle mounts in
any position for left or right hand use
6. Operator's Manual
11. Depth Stop Rod
Mounts in auxiliary handle and adjusts for precise pre-set drilling depths
12. Bubble Level
Helps provide more accurate right angle drilling / driving and hammer drilling straight
into workpiece
13. Live Tool Indicator
Green LED light lets you know when drill is plugged into power source



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