Device Drivers - LG CRD-8481B Owner's Manual

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Device Drivers

When using Windows 98/95 or Window NT Workstation Ver. 4.0, the
installation of any software driver or special device is not required.
This CD-ROM drive is supplied with MS-DOS drivers on a 3
These drivers are required to use the CD-ROM drive in DOS and Windows 3.1.
Drivers for other Operating Systems are not normally required or available as
they usually have an generic IDE, E-IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM driver built in; Windows
95, 98, NT 3.51 and higher and OS/2 Warp 3.0 are such examples.
If it is necessary to edit any file manually, first make a backup copy on a floppy
disk, then edit the original file, save it to your hard drive, exit, and re-boot the
PC to ensure the change will be implemented.
Running the Install Program (MS-DOS Installation)
1 . Insert the diskette into the appropriate drive with DOS booting.
2 . Go to the floppy drive by typing A: or B: at the DOS prompt, as appropriate.
3 . Type the word INSTALL and press [ENTER].
4 . The INSTALL program will begin loading. When loading is complete, the
INSTALL program identification will appear on screen.
5 . Follow the instructions on screen.
6 . When installation is complete, remove the diskette and reboot your PC.
For Windows 98/95 Users
[ In order to ensure normal drive operation, please check the following:
The drive is displayed in
[control panels]-[system]-[device manager]-[CD-ROM]
32-bit is displayed in
[control panels]-[system]-[performance]
[ If the drive is not recognized by your computer, please check the following
I f a
indicator is displayed on the IDE controller in [control panels]-
[system]-[device manager]-[harddisk controller], you will need to contact
your PC s manufacturer or the motherboard s manufacturer and get the
appropriate IDE controller driver.
[ Run ADD NEW HARDW ARE in Control Panel to let PC search again for new
-inch floppy disk.



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