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Safety Instructions For Use - LG WD1402CRD6 Owner's Manual

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Important safety instructions

Safety instructions for use

To minimize the risk of fire within the inner bowl, the following should be observed:
• Items that have been spotted or
soaked with vegetable or cooking oil
constitute a fire hazard and should
not be placed in a tumble dryer.
Oil-affected items can ignite spontaneously,
especially when exposed to heat sources
such as in a tumble dryer.
The items become warm, causing an
oxidation reaction in the oil. Oxidation
creates heat. If the heat cannot escape, the
items can become hot enough to catch fire.
Piling, stacking or storing oil-affected items
can prevent heat from escaping and so
create a fire hazard. If it is unavoidable that
fabrics that contain vegetable or cooking oil
or have been contaminated by hair care
products be placed in a tumble dryer they
should first be washed in hot water with
extra detergent-this will reduce, but not
eliminate, the hazard.
The 'cool down' cycle of tumble dryers
should be used to reduce the temperature of
the items.
They should not be removed from the tumble
dryer or piled or stacked while hot.
• Items that have been previously
cleaned in, washed in, soaked in or
spotted with petrol/gasoline, dry-
cleaning solvents or other flammable
or explosive substances should not
be placed in a tumble dryer.
flammable substances commonly used in
domestic environments include acetone,
denatured alcohol, petrol/gasoline,
kerosene, spot removers (some brands),
turpentine, waxes and wax removers.
• Items containing foam rubber (also
known as latex foam) or similarly
textured rubber like materials should
not be dried in a tumble dryer on a
heat setting.
when heated, produce fire by spontaneous
• Fabric softeners or similar products
should not be used during a drying
electricity unless this practice is specifically
recommended by the manufacturer of the
fabric softener or product.
• Undergarments that contain metal
reinforcements should not be placed
in a tumble dryer.
Damage to the tumble dryer can result if
metal reinforcements come loose during
drying. When available a drying rack could
be used for such items.
• Plastic articles such as shower caps
or babies waterproof napkin covers
should not be placed in a tumble
• Rubber-backed articles, clothes fitted
with foam rubber pads, pillows,
rubber boots and rubber-coated
tennis shoes should not be placed in
a tumble dryer.
Foam rubber materials can,
to eliminate the effects of static

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