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Adding Pauses To Contact Numbers - Samsung Galaxy S III mini User Manual

4g lte smartphone.
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Table of Contents
My Local Profile
My local profile is your own contact record, listed under ME
in Contacts. You can send My local profile as a vCard by
using Bluetooth or as an attachment.
Creating My Local Profile
1. Touch
2. Touch Set up profile, then enter your information in the
contact fields. For more information, see "Creating
Contacts" on page 46.
Sending My Local Profile
You can send your profile as a vCard by using Bluetooth to
other Bluetooth devices, or as an attachment.
1. Touch
2. Touch your profile to display your contact information.
3. Touch
Menu, then touch Share namecard via.
4. Choose a sending method, then follow the prompts to
send the profile.

Adding Pauses to Contact Numbers

When you call automated systems, you are often required to
enter a password or account number. Instead of manually
entering the numbers each time, you can store the numbers
in your Contacts along with special characters called pauses
and waits. A pause stops the calling sequence for two
seconds and a wait pauses the calling sequence until you
enter a number or touch a key.
To add a pause or a wait to an existing Contact:
1. Touch
2. Touch the name or number to open the Contact.
3. Touch
to edit.
4. Touch the phone number field and then touch the
screen at the position where the pause or wait needs to
be added.
5. Touch
and then touch Pause(,) to add a
two-second pause or touch Wait(;) to add a wait. A
pause displays as a , (comma) and a wait displays as a
; (semi-colon).
Contacts and Accounts


Table of Contents

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