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Samsung Galaxy S III mini User Manual Page 159

4g lte smartphone.
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Displays apps you have downloaded onto your device.
1. From the Settings screen, touch Application manager.
2. Touch the DOWNLOADED tab to view a list of all the
downloaded applications on your device.
3. To switch the order of the lists displayed in the
Downloaded tabs, touch
Sort by date.
4. To reset your application preferences, touch
Reset app preferences.
Note: This will reset the preferences for disabled apps,
disabled app notifications, default applications for
actions, and background data restrictions for apps. You
will not lose any app data.
5. To uninstall multiple applications, touch
Uninstall multiple.
6. Touch an application to view and update information
about the application, including memory usage, default
settings, and permissions.
Sort by size or
Running Services
View and control services running on your device.
1. From the Settings screen, touch Application manager.
2. Touch the RUNNING tab. All the applications that are
currently running on the device display.
3. Touch Show cached processes to display all the cached
processes that are running. Touch Show services in use
to switch back.
4. Touch one of the applications to view application
The following options display:
• Stop: Stops the application from running on the device. This is
usually done prior to uninstalling the application.
Warning! Not all services can be stopped. Stopping services
may have undesirable consequences on the
application or Android System.
• Report: Report failure and other application information.
Note: Options vary by application.


Table of Contents

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