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Samsung Galaxy S III mini User Manual Page 102

4g lte smartphone.
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• ISO: Determine how sensitive the light meter is on your digital
camera. Choose from Auto, 100, 200, or 400. Use a lower ISO
number to make your camera less sensitive to light, a higher
ISO number to take photos with less light, or Auto to let the
camera automatically adjust the ISO for each of your shots.
• Video size: Select a resolution for videos. Use higher resolution
for higher quality. Higher resolution videos take up more
• GPS tag: Attach a GPS location tag to the photo. To improve
GPS signals, avoid shooting in locations where the signal may
be obstructed, such as between buildings or in low-lying areas,
or in poor weather conditions. Your location may appear on
your photos when you upload them to the Internet. To avoid
this, deactivate the GPS tag setting.
• Review: Set this option if you want to view each photo after you
take it. Select a time value.
• Volume key: Assign a function to the volume key. Choose from
The zoom key, The camera key, or The record key.
• Timer: Use this for delayed-time shots. You can set the timer to
Off, 2 sec, 5 sec, or 10 sec.
• White balance: Select an appropriate white balance, so
images have a true-to-life colour range. The settings are
designed for specific lighting situations. These settings are
similar to the heat range for white-balance exposure in
professional cameras.
• Exposure value: Adjust the brightness level by moving the
• Guidelines: Display viewfinder guides to help composition
when selecting subjects.
• Flash: Activate or deactivate the flash.
• Voice control: Activate/deactivate the voice control feature,
which allows you to verbally take a photo.
• Contextual filename: Add your location as part of the
filename. You must first activate GPS tag described above.
• Save as flipped: When set to On, this option allows you to take
and save a mirror-image video when using self-recording
• Storage: Select the memory location for storage.
• Reset: Reset the camera settings.


Table of Contents

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