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User Access Control; How To Connect Your Wireless Computer; Wi-Fi Protected Setup - Amped Wireless SR10000 Setup Manual

High power wireless-n 600mw range extender/smart repeater
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This is the second page of the Setup Guide. Start on the opposite side first.
High Power Wireless-N 600mW Range Extender / Smart Repeater
How to Connect your Wireless Computer to the Range Extender
Windows 7 and Vista
A. Click on the Wireless icon to see available
wireless networks (For Vista, click Start >
Connect To). Select the "Amped_SR"
network and click Connect.
Mac OS X
A. Click on the Wireless icon to see available
wireless networks. Select the "Amped_SR"
network and click
Wi-Fi Protected Setup (One-Touch Setup or Push Button Configuration)
If your wireless adapter has WPS one-touch setup you can use it when connecting to the Range
Extender. Hold down the WPS button on the Range Extender (back panel) for 3 seconds. The WPS
LED will begin to blink. As it blinks, push the WPS button on your wireless adapter or enable WPS
with the provided software for your wireless adapter.
Using the Smart Features on your Range Extender
The Range Extender is equipped with many powerful security features which can be accessed
through the web menu under
Web Menu (Left Side)
If you are unfamiliar or want more information on how to set up Smart Features, please refer
to the User's Guide on the included CD.
Setting the Range Extender's System Clock
In order for your Access Schedules and logs to perform using the correct time stamps and
schedules you will need to set your System Clock. To do so, go under
access the
System Clock
Tips: Trouble Accessing the Smart Setup Wizard
PROBLEM: The Setup Wizard does not appear when you enter the setup web address.
Enter the setup web address into your browser:
If the URL fails to open, then try:
SOLUTION: Disconnect your computer from all Wi-Fi networks and try again.
Your computer should be connected to the Range Extender with the included Ethernet cable.
Disconnect your computer from
all wireless networks.
NOTE: Your computer does not need Internet to access the Smart Setup Wizard.
Windows 7:
Click the Wireless Signal icon from bottom right corner.
Select your network and click Disconnect.
If you continue to have problems accessing the Smart Setup Wizard:
Reboot the Range Extender, disconnect your computer from all wireless networks and try again. If this fails, try...
Disconnect the cable from your computer to the Range Extender. Connect wirelessly to the Range Extender's
wireless network: Amped_SR. When prompted, enter the security key: wireless. Open your web browser and try: If this fails, please contact our support department for assistance.
Tips: Power Outages, Rebooting Routers and Channel Changes
Wireless routers operate on specific wireless channels to avoid interference with neighboring networks. Some
wireless routers are set to automatically scan for the best wireless channel. A power outage, or a simple reboot,
may cause your home wireless router to change its wireless channel and cause the Range Extender to disconnect
from your home network.
To fix this issue, simply log onto the Range Extender's web menu by opening your web browser and accessing If the page does not load, try resetting the Range Extender by holding down
the reset button on the back panel for five to ten seconds. After the Range Extender has rebooted, open your
web browser and try again.
When the web menu appears, run through the Smart Setup Wizard again to reconfigure the connection to your
Home Network.
To prevent the channel changing issue from occurring in the future, you may log onto your router's web menu
and set the wireless channel from Automatic to a static channel number. You will need to reconfigure the Range
Extender with the new channel. If you are not sure how to access your router's web menu, contact the support
department for the brand of your wireless router.
Tips: Autoloading Web Menu
When the Range Extender loses its connection with your Home Network, the Web Menu will automatically load on
your web browser. All web address entries will be redirected to the Smart Setup Wizard of the Range Extender. This
feature is meant for you to easily reconfigure your Range Extender in the event of a disconnection. This feature
may be disabled in the IP Settings menu of the web menu. The feature is titled: Auto-DNS.
Troubleshooting Tips
I cannot connect to my Home Network. I received an error when running the Smart Setup Wizard.
a. Your Home Network may be secured. Double check that you have the correct security key to connect to
the Home Network.
b. Try adjusting the channel number of your Home Network's router to channel 5 thru 11. Then attempt the
Smart Setup Wizard again.
c. Reboot your Home Network router and try to connect again using the Smart Setup Wizard.
d. Check to see that your Home Network router's DHCP server is enabled. The Range Extender needs to obtain an
IP from your Home Network router.
My Range Extender was working fine previously, but now I can no longer access the Internet through the Range Extender.
a. The connection to your Home Network may have been dropped or the router settings may have changed. Changes
to the router could be a result of several events, such as a power outage. When this occurs, connect to the Range
Extender and access the setup menu using the web address:
Run the Smart Setup Wizard to reconnect the Range Extender to your network.
b. Using the setup menu ( check to see that the signal strength between the Range Extender
and your home network is above 70%. The Range Extender may be too far from your home router and not maintaining
a signal strength of above 70%. Check the signal strength between the router and the Range Extender through the
web menu (left side): More Settings > Management > Repeater Status. The Signal Strength readout will be under the
Home Wireless Network Settings section. This Signal Strength must be above 70%. If it is below, move the Range
Extender closer to your router, or reposition the Range Extender.
I cannot find my Home Network when scanning for wireless networks in the Smart Setup Wizard.
a. The Range Extender may be out of range. Move the Range Extender closer towards the wireless router and try the
Setup Wizard again from the web menu.
b. Make sure that your Home Network's wireless SSID is broadcasting and not hidden. Hidden SSIDs will require that
you manually enter the SSID into the Wireless Settings > Home Network menu.
If you continue to have issues setting up the Range Extender, give us a call — we're here to help: 888-573-8820
Visit our website for more support information and answers to frequently asked questions:
Amped Wireless
A Division of Newo Corporation
Copyright © 2012 Amped Wireless / Newo Corporation. All rights reserved.
Amped Wireless, Newo Corporation, Amped Wireless Logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Newo Corporation.
Smart Features
tab to sync the System Clock with your computer time.
Wireless Network
Wireless Network
B. When prompted, enter the wireless
security key "wireless" and click OK.
B. When prompted, enter the wireless
security key "wireless" and click OK.
on the left side of the web menu:
Wireless Access Scheduling
Control when your Wi-Fi is on/off
Menu Location: Smart Features > Access Schedule

User Access Control

Restrict network access to specific users
Menu Location: Smart Features > User Access
Wireless Coverage Control
Adjust the distance of your wireless network
Menu Location: Smart Features > Wireless Coverage
into your web browser again.
Windows XP:
Right click the Wireless Signal icon from bottom right corner.
Click View Available Wireless Networks, select your network and click Disconnect.

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