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Kenmore 405.34012310 Use & Care Manual page 3

Dc motor stand fan 3 speeds, oscillation switch
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1. Uncrew and remove the three screws from the underside of the Extension Pole
Stand. Insert the bottom of the Extension Pole Stand into the Base as shown in
Fig.1. Carrfully turn the Base and Stand upside down and use the three screws
to attach the Base and Stand together.
2. Loosen the height adjustment ring and pull the Inner Pole up to the desired height
(Fig. 2). Tighten the ring. Note: The Inner Pole may slide all the way down inside
the stand when loosening the adjustment ring. Invert the stand so that the Inner
Pole slides out for adjustment.
3. Loosen the attachment screw at the bottom of the Head Unit back side (Fig. 3).
Slide the Head Unit down onto the top of the Inner Pole as far as it will go.
Tighten the attachment screw.
1. Unscrew and remove the spinner clockwise (or obtain from parts bag), and the
plastic nut counterclockwise. You may have to hold the shaft in place with one
hand to unscrew the spinner with the other. Position the rear guard against the
motor face so that the two pins on the motor face fit through the matching holes
in the rear guard. Tighten the rear guard into place with the plastic nut. (Fig.4)
2. Remove and discard the PVC sleeve from the motor shaft. Mount the blade set
onto the motor shaft through the center hole in the blade set. Insert the pin on
the motor shaft into the notches on the back of the blade set. Turn the spinner
counterclockwise onto the shaft to tighten the blade set into place. (Fig.5)
3. Remove the small screw from the clear plastic clasp on the bottom of the front
guard and set aside. Place the front guard over the rear guard so that the tab
at the top of the front guard fits over the rear guard rim (Fig. 6). Push the two
guards together. Close the clasp at the front guard bottom over the rear guard
rim, and re-insert and tighten the small screw removed earlier.
4. Insert the jack end of the AC adapter cord into the port for it just above the Head
Unit attachment screw. Insert the adapter plug end into an electrical outlet. The
fan is now ready to use.
Head unit
Attachment screw


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