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Mitsubishi Electric Mr.Slim PEAD-RP35JALQ Service Manual Page 27

Series pead, ceiling concealed r410, 2010 split-type, heat pump air conditioners.
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• If the unit cannot be operated properly after the test run has been performed, refer to the following table to remove the cause.
Wired remote controller
PLEASE WAIT → Error code
Display messages do not
appear even when operation
switch is turned ON (operation
lamp does not light up).
On the wireless remote controller with condition above, following phenomena take place.
• No signals from the remote controller are accepted.
• Operation lamp is blinking.
• The buzzer makes a short piping sound.
Operation is not possible for about 30 seconds after cancellation of function selection. (Correct operation)
For description of each LED (LED1, 2, 3) provided on the indoor controller, refer to the following table.
LED1 (power for microcomputer)
LED2 (power for remote controller)
LED3 (communication between indoor and
outdoor units)
Wireless remote controller
(1) Turn on the power to the unit at least 12 hours before the test run.
(2) Press the TEST RUN button A A twice continuously.
(Start this operation from the status of remote controller display turned off.)
and current operation mode are displayed.
(3) Press the MODE button B B to activate COOL mode, then check whether cool air is blown out from the unit.
(4) Press the MODE button B B to activate HEAT mode, then check whether warm air is blown out from the unit.
(5) Press the FAN button C C and check whether fan speed changes.
(6) Press the VANE button D D and check whether the auto vane operates properly.
(7) Press the ON/OFF button to stop the test run.
• Point the remote controller towards the indoor unit receiver while following steps (2) to (7).
• It is not possible to run the in FAN, DRY or AUTO mode.
LED 1, 2 (PCB in outdoor unit)
For about 2
After LED 1, 2 are lighted, LED 2 is
minutes after
turned off, then only LED 1 is
lighted. (Correct operation)
Only LED 1 is lighted. →
After about 2
minutes has
expired after
Only LED 1 is lighted. →
Indicates whether control power is supplied. Make sure that this LED is
always lit.
Indicates whether power is supplied to the remote controller.
This LED lights only in the case of the indoor unit which is connected to the
outdoor unit refrigerant address "0".
Indicates state of communication between the indoor and outdoor units.
Make sure that this LED is always blinking.
•For about 2 minutes after power-on,op-
eration of the remote controller is not possible
due to system start-up. (Correct operation)
•Connector for the outdoor unit's protection
device is not connected.
•Reverse or open phase wiring for the outdoor
LED 1, 2 blink.
unit's power terminal block (L1, L2, L3)
•Incorrect wiring between indoor and outdoor
units (incorrect polarity of S1, S2, S3)
LED 1 blinks twice,
•Remote controller wire short
LED 2 blinks once.


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