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Whirlpool W10596019A Use & Care Manual page 7

Electronic dryer
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Touch to turn the dryer on and off. Touch to stop/cancel
a cycle at any time.
Turn the knob to select a cycle for your laundry load.
Automatic Cycles are Heavy Duty, Normal, Bulky, Casual
(on some models), Delicates, Towels (on some models),
and Sanitize (on some models). Manual Cycles are
Quick Dry and Timed Dry. The Steam Cycle (on some
models) is Steam Refresh. See "Cycle Guide" for detailed
descriptions of cycles.
Touch and hold until the LED comes on to start a cycle,
or touch once while a cycle is in process to pause it.
When you select a cycle, its settings will light up and the
Estimated Time Remaining (for Automatic Cycles) or actual
time remaining (for Manual Cycles) will be displayed. On
2-digit displays, for times longer than 99 minutes, hours
will be displayed followed by minutes.
See "Cycle Guide" for available settings on each cycle.
Not all settings are available with all cycles.
Cycle Status Lights
The indicators at the top of the display will let you
know what stage of the drying cycle is in process.
For more information on each stage, see "Cycle Status
–/+ (Adjust Drying Time)
Touch "+" or "–" with Manual Cycles to increase or
decrease the length of a Timed Dry or Quick Dry cycle.
When using Manual Cycles or Steam Refresh, you may
select a dry temperature based on the type of load
you are drying. Use the warmest setting safe for the
garments in the load. Follow garment label instructions.
NOTE: Automatic Cycles use a preset temperature that
is not adjustable.
Dryness Level
When using Automatic Cycles (except for the Sanitize
cycle), you may select a Dryness Level based on the
type of load you are drying.
NOTE: Dryness Level is for use with Automatic Cycles
Damp Dry Signal (on some models)
Touch to select the Damp Dry Signal. When selected, a
series of beeps will sound when the load is damp, but
not completely dry. This will allow you to take clothes
out of the load that do not need to dry completely.
This option is available on Heavy Duty, Normal, Bulky,
Casual, Delicates, and Towels cycles. The Damp Dry
Signal is selected as a default for the Bulky cycle, as
a reminder to manually reposition bulky loads midway
through the cycle.
Wrinkle Shield
If you will be unable to remove a load immediately,
touch Wrinkle Shield to add up to 140 minutes of
periodic tumbling to help reduce wrinkling. You may
select the "With Steam" setting (on some models)
to add a short steam cycle after 60 minutes to help
smooth out wrinkles.
Use to select available options for your dryer. Not all
cycles and options are available on all models.
Touch to activate the Steam option, which adds steam
to the end of the Heavy Duty, Towels, Normal, or Bulky
cycle to help smooth out wrinkles. The Steam option
can be used with High or Medium heat settings.
Touch to activate the EcoBoost
you to increase your energy savings by using a slightly
lower heat level. For automatic cycles the EcoBoost
option will increase drying times by approximately 40
minutes; the LED Display will reflect this time.
The EcoBoost
option will default on for Normal.
For optimal energy turn on the EcoBoost
For optimal time turn off the EcoBoost
Static Reduce
Touch to add the Static Reduce option to selected
Automatic cycles (see the "Cycle Guide"). The dryer
will automatically tumble, pause, and introduce a small
amount of moisture into the load to help reduce static.
This option adds approximately 8 minutes to the total
cycle time.
Drum Light
Touch to turn the LED drum light on or off. The light
will also turn on when the door is open, and turn off
automatically after about 5 minutes.
Cycle Signal
Use this to turn the signal indicating the end
of a drying cycle on or off.
NOTE: You may also turn off the tones that sound
when a feature, setting, or option is touched. Touch
and hold Cycle Signal for about one second to turn
sounds on or off.
Control Lock
Use to lock the controls of the dryer and avoid
an accidental change in cycle options or preferences
during a drying cycle.
Touch and hold CONTROL LOCK for 3 seconds to
lock or unlock the controls of the dryer. During this
time, the LED Display will count down 3-2-1. Once
the controls are locked, the LED Display will display
"Lc" or "Loc."
NOTE: The Control Lock function may be enabled
when recovering from a power failure. To unlock the
control, touch and hold CONTROL LOCK for at least
3 seconds.
option, which allows

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