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Solve Fax Problems - HP Officejet Getting Started Manual

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Solve fax problems

If you ran a fax test and the test failed, see the test report for possible solutions. For more detailed information, see the
onscreen user guide on the Starter CD.
The device is having problems
sending and receiving faxes
Make sure you use the phone cord that came with the device.
Other equipment that uses the same phone line as the device might be in use. Make sure
extension phones (phones on the same phone line, but not connected to the device) or other
equipment is not in use or off the hook. For example, you cannot use the device for faxing if an
extension phone is off the hook or if you are using a computer dial-up modem to send e-mail or
access the Internet.
If you are using a phone splitter, the splitter could cause faxing problems. Try connecting the
device directly to the telephone wall jack.
Make sure that one end of the phone cord is connected to the telephone wall jack, while the
other end to port labeled "1-LINE" on the back of the device.
Try connecting a working phone directly to the telephone wall jack and check for a dial tone —
if you do not hear a dial tone, please contact your telephone company to check the line.
Make sure you connect the device to an analog phone line, or you cannot send or receive faxes.
To check if your phone line is digital, connect a regular analog phone to the line and listen for a
dial tone. If you do not hear a normal-sounding dial tone, it might be a phone line set up for
digital phones. Connect the device to an analog phone line and try sending or receiving a fax.
The phone line connection might be noisy. Phone lines with poor sound quality (noise) can cause
faxing problems. Check the sound quality of the phone line by plugging a phone into the
telephone wall jack and listening for static or other noise. If you hear noise, turn Error Correction
Mode (ECM) off and try faxing again.
If you are using a digital subscriber line (DSL) service, make sure that you have a DSL filter
connected. Without the filter, you cannot fax successfully.
If you are using either a private branch exchange (PBX) or an integrated services digital network
(ISDN) converter/terminal adapter, make sure the device is connected to the correct port and the
terminal adapter is set to the correct switch type for your country/region.



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