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Kenmore C978-97322 Use & Care Manual page 18

Kenmore c978-97322 electric laundry center use & care guide
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Table of Contents
Dryer Problem
Possible Causes
Clothes take too
Improper sorting
long to dry
Large loads of heavy fabrics (like
beach towels)
Controls improperly set
Lint filter is full
Improper or obstructed ducting
Blown fuses or tripped circuit
Overloading/combining loads
Clothes are
Letting items sit in dryer after cycle
Clothes shrink
Some fabrics will naturally shrink
when washed. Others can be
safely washed, but will shrink in the
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What to do
Separate heavy items from lightweight items (generally, a well-
sorted washer load is a well-sorted dryer load).
Large, heavy fabrics contain more moisture and take longer to
dry. Separate large, heavy fabrics into smaller loads to speed
drying time.
Match control settings to the load you are drying.
Clean lint filter before every load.
Check installation instructions for proper ducting/venting.
Make sure ducting is clean, free of kinks and unobstructed.
Check to see if outside wall damper operates easily.
Check the Installation Instructions to make sure the dryer venting
is correct.
Replace fuses or reset circuit breakers. Since most dryers use 2
fuses/breakers, make sure both are operating.
Do not put more than one washer load in the dryer at a time.
If you are drying only one or two items, add a few items to en-
sure proper tumbling.
Select a shorter drying time.
Remove items while they still hold a slight amount of moisture.
Select a LESS DRY or DAMP DRY setting.
Remove items when cycle ends and fold or hang immediately.
Separate large loads into smaller ones.
To avoid shrinkage, follow garment care labels exactly.
Some items may be pressed back into shape after drying
If you are concerned about shrinkage in a particular item, do not
machine wash or tumble dry it.

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Table of Contents