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Kenmore C978-97322 Use & Care Manual page 17

Kenmore c978-97322 electric laundry center use & care guide
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Possible Causes
Washer won't oper-
Washer is unplugged
Water supply is turned off
Controls are not set properly
Lid is open - safety feature prevents
agitation and spinning when lid is up
Circuit breaker/fuse is tripped/
Electronics need to be reset
START was not pressed
Lid magnet missing
Movement inside
Shifting mechanism is disengaging
machine when shut
the motor
Washer moving /
Unbalanced Load
banging sounds
Washer Performance
Possible Causes
Clothes too wet
Incorrect spin cycle selected
Colored spots
Incorrect use of fabric softener
Dye transfer
Grayed or yellowed
Not enough detergent
Hard water
Water is not hot enough
Washer is overloaded
Detergent is not dissolving
Dye transfer
Lint or residue on
Clothes are air or line dried
Incorrect sorting
Washing too long
Detergent not dissolving
Incorrect use of fabric softener
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Make sure cord is plugged securely into a working outlet.
Turn both hot and cold faucets fully on.
Check controls.
Close lid and reset cycle, to the beginning if necessary.
Check house circuit breakers/fuses. Replace fuses or reset
breaker. Washer should have separate outlet.
Unplug washer, wait 2 minutes, plug back in and press START.
Press START.
Call for service.
When the machine is manually turned off, the shifter will disen-
gage the motor before completely shutting down. If lid is raised
before the motor is disengaged, it will resume when lid is closed.
Pause the washer. Once the lid lock has disengaged, redistribute
the clothes inside the tub so they are equally arranged along the
tub wall. Close the lid and press START.
What to do
Make sure the spin cycle selected matches the load you are wash-
ing. Some fabrics will feel wetter when rinsed with cold water.
Check fabric softener package for instructions and follow direc-
tions for using dispenser.
Pretreat stain and rewash.
Sort whites or lightly colored items from dark colors
Use more detergent (especially with larger loads). Be sure to follow de-
tergent manufacturer's directions. Make sure you are using HE detergent.
Use a water conditioner or install a water softener.
Make sure water heater is delivering water at 120°F (48°C).
Select load size to match clothes load.
Add detergent as wash basket fills with water before you load clothes.
Sort clothes by color. If fabric label states wash separately, un-
stable dyes may be indicated.
If you do not dry your clothes with a clothes dryer, your clothes
may retain more lint.
Separate lint producers from lint collectors.
Wash small loads for a shorter time than larger loads.
Add detergent as wash basket fills with water, before you load clothes.
Try a liquid detergent.
Use warmer water temperature.
Load clothes no higher than the top row of holes in the washer
Check fabric softener package for instructions and follow direc-
tions for using dispenser.
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Table of Contents