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Setup Menu; Fine Tune; Setting The Time - Samsung 6000 Quick Start Manual

Led tv series 6 6000, 6500.
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Table of Contents
■ Information: Display the information for a show or channel you
have scheduled. You can also change the schedule Information.
1. Select the Programmed List icon on the left side of the
Channel List screen, and then press the
2. On the Programmed List screen, select the show or channel
entry you want information for, and then press the
button. The Tools Menu appears.
3. Select Information, and then press the
The Time Viewing Information screen appears.
4. Select Change Info and press the
to change information, or select Close and press the
button to close the Information screen.
■ Select All / Deselect All: You can select or deselect all
channels in the channel list.
Other Channel Menu Functions
Channel Mode (Added Channels/Favorite
Lets you select the channel list displayed when you press the
(Channel) button on your remote. For example, if you
select Favorite Channels, you will only see Favorite channels when
you press the

Fine Tune

Analog channels only.
If the reception is clear, you do not have to fine tune the channel,
as this is done automatically during the search and store
operation. If the signal is weak or distorted, fine tune the channel
Select the channel, and then select Fine Tune.
Fine tuned channels that have been saved are marked with
an asterisk "*" on the right-hand side of the channel number
in the channel banner.
To reset fine-tuning, select the channel, select Fine Tune, and
then select Reset on the Fine Tune screen.

Setup Menu

Plug & Play
Lets you re-run the Plug & Play initial setup procedure. For
instructions, see your Quick Start Guide.
Set the menu language.
Choose between English, Español, and Français.

Setting the Time

The time you set will appear when you press the
■ Clock: Set the clock so you can use the various timer features
of the TV.
If you disconnect the power cord, you have to set the
clock again.
- 6 -
To set the clock, follow these steps:
1. Select Setup >Time > Clock.
2. Press
and select Auto or Manual, and then press
If you selected Auto:
The TV will automatically download the correct time from a
digital channel.
• Select Time Zone, and then press the
Use the
buttons to select your Time Zone, and then
• Select DST (Daylight Savings Time), and then press
. Select On if you want to turn the DST
adjustment on and off manually. Select Off to turn off the
DST adjustment. Select Auto if you want the TV to adjust
to DST automatically. Press
DST and Time Zone function are only available when
the Clock Mode is set to Auto.
If you selected Manual:
The Clock Set screen appears. Use the
change the values in each field or use the number buttons to
enter the values directly. Use the
field to field. When done with all the fields, press
Available only when Clock Mode is set to Manual.
■ Sleep Timer
Automatically shuts off the TV after a preset period of time. (30,
60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 minutes).
To cancel the Sleep Timer, select Off.
Timer 1 / Timer 2 / Timer 3
Turns the TV on and off automatically at times and days you
select. You can set three different on/off timer settings.
You must set the clock first.
■ On Time / Off Time: Set the hour, minute, am/pm, and
Activate/Inactivate fields for the On Time and Off Time. Use the
buttons to move from field to field. Use the
to change the values in each field. To activate the timer with
the setting you have chosen, set the Activate/Inactivate field to
■ Volume: Set the desired loudness.
■ Contents: To select what will be turned on when the timer
setting is activated. You can set the TV to turn on a specific
channel or play back contents such as photo or audio files.
Use the
buttons to move to move to the Contents field,
and then press the
appears. Use the
buttons to move from field to field. Use
buttons to change the values in each field.
- TV/USB: Select TV or USB. The USB device must be
connected to your TV before you can select USB.
- Antenna: Displays the current antenna source, Air or Cable.
- Channel: If you have selected TV, select the desired channel.
- Music/Photo: If you have selected USB, follow these steps to
select a folder containing MP3 (Music) or JPEG (Photo) files on
the USB device:
The maximum displayed number of files, including sub
folders, in one folder of USB storage device is 2000.
The media may not be playing smoothly when using the
device lower than USB 2.0.
1. Use the
buttons to move to the field under Music
or the field under Photo, and then press the
button. The TV displays a single folder (the Root folder)
and the type or name of the device.
when done.
buttons to
buttons to move from
button. The Contents screen


Table of Contents

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