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DS-5000 Series
Quick Reference Guide


   Summary of Contents for Samsung DS-5000

  • Page 1

    DS-5000 Series Keysets Quick Reference Guide...

  • Page 2: Placing Calls

    Replace the handset or press the END button when the call is completed. SPEAKERPHONE CALLS Your Samsung DS 5021D and DS 5014D keysets have full speakerphone capability.This feature is used for both internal or exter- nal calls. To activate this feature: Press the SPEAKER button.

  • Page 3: Placing A Call On Hold

    PLACING A CALL ON HOLD Calls can be placed on System Hold or Exclusive Hold. Calls placed on Exclusive Hold can only be picked up from the extension that placed them on hold. A call placed on System Hold can be picked up from any extension. SYSTEM HOLD To place a call on hold: Press the HOLD button.

  • Page 4: Call Waiting

    TRANSFERRING WITH CAMP-ON When you transfer a call to another station and receive a busy signal, you can camp the call on to this station. Hang up when you hear the busy signal. The called party is alerted that a call is waiting. NOTE: If you receive No More Calls tone, that station has no button available to receive another call.

  • Page 5: Forwarding Calls

    FORWARDING CALLS You can forward your calls to another station, group of stations, or an external telephone number. Program a destination for the type of forwarding you want as detailed below. If you have FWD ALL, FWD BUSY, and FWD NO ANSWER keys, press the associated soft key to activate the feature.

  • Page 6

    OTHER FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS SPEAKER/RECEIVER VOLUME Press the up ( ) or down ( ) arrow but- tons during a conversation to raise or lower volume. RINGER VOLUME Press the up ( ) or down ( ) arrow buttons to adjust the ringer volume while the telephone is ringing.

  • Page 7

    4. DIRECTORY DIAL: Searches for station speed, system speed, and sta- tion numbers based on their associated programmed name. • Press MENU button, scroll or dial option number 4. • Press ENTER, scroll to option or dial option: 1. Personal Speed, 2. System Speed, or 3.

  • Page 8: Features And Specifications

    Features and Specifications Line Groups 15 _____________________________ 16 _____________________________ 9 Local/LCR 17 _____________________________ ____________________________ 18 _____________________________ ____________________________ 19 _____________________________ ____________________________ 20 _____________________________ Station Groups Feature Access Codes 501 _____________________________ Operator 502 _____________________________ 10 + xxx Pick Up A Parked Call 503 _____________________________ 12 + xxx Pick Up A Held Call...

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