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Charging The Battery - Panasonic HC-V700 Basic Operating Instructions Manual

High definition video camera
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Charging the battery

When this unit is purchased, the battery is not charged. Charge the battery fully
before using this unit for the first time.
The unit is in the standby condition when the AC adaptor is connected. The primary circuit is
always "live" as long as the AC adaptor is connected to an electrical outlet.
≥ Use the supplied AC adaptor. Do not use the AC adaptor of another device.
≥ Do not use the AC cable with any other equipment as it is designed only for this unit.
Also, do not use the AC cable from other equipment with this unit.
≥ The battery can also be charged using a battery charger (VW-BC10E: optional).
≥ The battery will not be charged if the unit is turned on.
≥ It is recommended to charge the battery in a temperature between 10 oC and 30 oC.
(The battery temperature should also be the same.)
A DC input terminal
≥ Insert the plugs as far as they will go.
Connect the AC cable to the AC adaptor, then the AC outlet.
Connect the AC adaptor to the DC input terminal.
≥ Be careful not to pinch the DC input terminal cover.
≥ The status indicator will flash red at an interval of 2 seconds (approximately 1 second on,
1 second off), indicating that charging has begun.
It will turn off when the charging is completed.
∫ Connecting to the AC outlet
It is possible to use this unit with power supplied from the AC outlet by turning on the unit with
the AC adaptor connected.
Use it together with the battery when recording for long time the AC adaptor connected.
∫ To charge by connecting to other device
It is possible to charge by connecting to other device with the USB cable (supplied).

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