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Inserting/Removing An Sd Card - Panasonic HC-V700 Basic Operating Instructions Manual

High definition video camera
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Inserting/removing an SD card

When using an SD card not from Panasonic, or one previously used on other equipment,
for the first time on this unit, format the SD card. (l 22) When the SD card is formatted, all
of the recorded data is deleted. Once the data is deleted, it cannot be restored.
Check that the access lamp has gone off.
≥ Do not touch the terminals on the back of
the SD card.
≥ Do not apply strong shocks, bend, or drop
the SD card.
≥ Electrical noise, static electricity or the
failure of this unit or the SD card may
damage or erase the data stored on the
SD card.
≥ When the card access lamp is lit, do not:
j Remove the SD card
j Turn the unit off
j Insert and remove the USB cable
j Expose the unit to vibrations or shock
Performing the above while the lamp is on
may result in damage to data/SD card or
this unit.
≥ Do not expose the terminals of the SD
card to water, dirt or dust.
Access lamp [ACCESS] A
≥ When this unit is accessing the SD
card or built-in memory, the access lamp
lights up.
Open the SD card cover and
insert (remove) the SD card
into (from) the card slot B.
≥ Face the label side C in the direction
shown in the illustration and press it
straight in as far as it will go.
≥ Press the centre of the SD card and then
pull it straight out.
Securely close the SD card
≥ Securely close it until it clicks.
≥ Do not place SD cards in the following
j In direct sunlight
j In very dusty or humid areas
j Near a heater
j Locations susceptible to significant
difference in temperature (condensation
can occur.)
j Where static electricity or
electromagnetic waves occur
≥ To protect SD cards, return them to their
cases when you are not using them.
≥ About disposing of or giving away the SD
(Refer to the Operating Instructions (PDF

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