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Procedures; Service Procedures For Gigaset 4000 Classic - Siemens Gigaset 4010/ 15 Service Manual

Classic base station, comfort base station, classic handset, comfort handset
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3 Procedures

This chapter shows the hidden service procedures for Gigaset 4000 Classic, 4000
Comfort and 4010 base stations.
Note: The service procedures are confidential.

3.1 Service procedures for Gigaset 4000 Classic

Reset to factory defaults (customer procedure):
This procedure resets the handset to factory defaults.
Press softkey "menu", 9 3 and confirm with o.k. (see user guide).
Press 1, 4 and 7 simultaneously and hold down while you switch on.
Press any key to toggle between the displayed signs. Afterwards switch handset off.
To get into the service procedures you need to press 1,4 and 7 simultaneous
and hold down while you switch on, afterwards press 76200.
1. SW-Version and IPUI:
On the left upper corner the number of the menu is shown (here menu 1).
At first the SW-version is displayed. The digits above the 2. arrow show the version
(e.g. 16).
When scrolling down with the "arrow down key" the IPUI number is displayed.
The I on the left side indicates that this is the IPUI.
2. QS data:
This data is only important for the production, not for service purposes.
3. Speechpath-test:
You can select this item when you want to check the speechpath by blowing into the
microphone and checking this noise on the earphone (without beeing registered to a
base station).
J. Junggebauer
Version 2.1



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