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Fault Diagnosis And Elimination; Functional Test - Siemens Gigaset 4010/ 15 Service Manual

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6 Fault diagnosis and elimination

There are different faults that could appear.
Not all incoming components or systems have to be faulty.
The customer could have problems with the operation of the phone or
could have placed it close to a device (PC...) that affects it.
So you won't identify a fault.
It could also happen, that there is a loose connection in the phone
(due to a cold soldering joint or something else).
So the fault won't appear each time you test the phone.
There are different possibilities to test a phone depending on the information
you received with the phone.

6.1 Functional Test

There is an incoming and an outgoing test.
The difference between them is that in the outgoing test you make a reset
on the component after testing in case of swap (to deregister, reset PIN and
set to factory defaults).
Outgoing test (system):
Displaytest 4000 Classic:
Mobile unit is switched off.
Press 1, 4 and 7 simultaneous and hold down while switching on.
Press any key to alter pattern.
Mobile unit is switched off.
Put mobile unit into charging cradle.
One segment of the battery display has to start blinking automatically
when putting in.
There are 2 possibilities of testing the fundamental functions of the telephone:
1) Test with PBX (private branch exchange):
a) Ringer test (not for Comfort base stations)
b) Dialling test
c) Audible test of telephone in transmit and receive direction (speech)
with the help of a second phone connected to the PBX.
Version 2.1
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