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Digitus USB TO SERIAL CONVERTER User Manual Page 13

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5. To make sure that your computer can use the device correctly, you have to check
the Apple System Profiler-Device and Volumes. It will show the USB Device.
C. Linux Driver
I am believed that you already have PL-2303X/H Linux driver source, and you also know
how to compile it in Linux, so I only explain how to link device with our driver.
In Makefile file, we had set a command to insert driver into Kernel, so you can type "make
inst" to insert driver, after that, please type "dmesg" command then click enter, you will see
messages appeared on screen, please force on the least line of message," usbserial.c"
The Prolific USB Serial Adapter converter now attached to ttyUSB0 (orusb/tts/0 for devfs).
It means the virtue COM port is in ttyUSB0, so if you want to use this port, you need to use
"ln" command to hard link with device, for example: we are use PL-2303X/H to connect
with modem (or ttyS0), so we need to type "ln -b /dev/ttyUSB0 /dev/ttyS0" then click enter,
if nothing happen and the screen appear "[root@localhost / xxxxx]#", then link operation is
successfully, next, you need to execute StartProgramsSystemInternet configuration
wizard to setup modem and it port,
1. On "Select Device Type" dialog box, please chose "Modem Connection", please ignore
the "can't not find modem" message and then click next, on this dialog box, and on
"Modem Device" item to selects "/dev/ttyS0", click next.
2. On "Selection Provider" dialog box, please fill in the dial number, account and
3. Click "Finish" button to the next step.
4. On the next dialog box, all setting information are in this box, please make sure all the
setting as you want.
5. Click "Apply" and "Close" to leave setup wizard.
6. To execute StartAppletsNetworkModem Lights, a small icon will appear on the
left-bottom of panel bar, when you want you connect internet, you can click the green
light to do dial-up, after that, you can launch internet application program to browser
7. To click Red light to disconnect dial-up.


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