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Connections; Putting Into Service; Safety Precautions - Siemens euroset 2005 Operating Instructions Manual

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Putting into service

Putting into service
Putting into service
Putting into service
Putting into service

Safety precautions

For your safety and protection, do not operate the telephone in bath-
r o o m s o r s h o w e r s ( d a m p e n v i r o n m e n t s ) . T h e t e l e p h o n e i s n o t
s p l a s h p r o o f .
Dispose of the telephone in an environmentally friendly manner in
accordance with the relevant legislation.
Do not forget to include the User's Guide when passing on your
Euroset 2005 to a third party.
Recommendations for telephone installation
Do not expose the telephone to direct sunlight or other heat
s o u r c e s .
Operation at temperatures between +5°C and +40°C.
A distance of at least one meter must be observed between the
telephone and radio equipment, such as radio telephones, radio
paging devices or TVs.
Otherwise telephone traffic can be affected.
Do not install the telephone in rooms where large quantities of
dust accumulate as this can considerably reduce the service
life of the telephone.
To clean the telephone, simply wipe it with a damp cloth or an
antistatic wipe. Never use a dry cloth (danger of electrostatic
discharge) or abrasive cleaning agents!
Contact with unit parts (e.g. rubber feet) can leave marks on
surface finishes applied to furniture.


Desktop installation
W a l l m o u n t i n g

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