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Ip Dialing - Siemens Gigaset C675 User Manual

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C675 User manual system English
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IP dialling
Store IP number
Press IP (LCD display the former record) v Press IP again v E N T E R N A M E OK
IP number
v E N T E R N U M B E R OK。
The method that input IP number below is for your reference since it may
different from various cards.
1, Input the IP access number. E.g. 17910
2, Insert "P" by double press key # if necessary (such as a voice prompt interrupt).
e.g. 17910P1P(means insert an pause P, select Chinese language, then insert
pause again)
3, Input IP number and Password, end with #.
e.g. 1 7 9 1 0 P 1 P 2 2 9 0 2 1 6 9 9 3 9 8 # 5 8 0 0 #
Press OK after all the input.
Remind with friendliness:
The IP dialling mentioned here refers to the function of the chargeable card, not
the service that supplied by telecom
Using the IP dialling
IP dialling
There are three ways to dial with IP
1, Input a long distance number v press IP
2, Select a number in phonebook/redial list v press IP
3, Press c or d v press IP v input long distance number



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