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Parts Names - Mitsubishi Electric Mr.Slim PEA-RP100 Operation Manual

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1. Safety Precautions
1.2. During operation
Do not use any sharp object to push the buttons, as this may
damage the remote controller.
Do not twist or tug on the remote controller cord as this may
damage the remote controller and cause malfunction.
Never remove the upper case of the remote controller. It is
dangerous to remove the upper case of the remote controller
and touch the printed circuit boards inside. Doing so can result
in fire and failure.
Never wipe the remote controller with benzene, thinner,
chemical rags, etc. Doing so can result in discoloration and
failure. To remove heavy stains, soak a cloth in neutral deter-
gent mixed with water, wring it out thoroughly, wipe the stains
off, and wipe again with a dry cloth.
Never block or cover the indoor or outdoor unit's intakes or
outlets. Tall items of furniture underneath the indoor unit, or
bulky items such as large boxes placed close to the outdoor
unit will reduce the unit's efficiency.
Do not splash water over the unit and do not touch the unit
with wet hands. An electric shock may result.
Do not spray combustible gas close to the unit. Fire may result.
Do not place a gas heater or any other open-flame appliance
where it will be exposed to the air discharged from the unit.
Incomplete combustion may result.
Do not remove the front panel or the fan guard from the
outdoor unit when it is running. You could be injured if you
touch rotating, hot or high-voltage parts.
Never insert fingers, sticks etc. into the intakes or outlets,
otherwise injury may result, since the fan inside the unit
rotates at high speed. Exercise particular care when children
are present.
If you detect odd smells, stop using the unit, turn off the power
switch and consult your dealer. Otherwise, a breakdown,
electric shock or fire may result.
When you notice exceptionally abnormal noise or vibration,
stop operation, turn off the power switch, and contact your
Do not over-cool. The most suitable inside temperature is one
that is within 5°C of the outside temperature.
Do not leave handicapped people or infants sitting or standing
in the path of the airflow from the air-conditioner. This could
cause health problems.

2. Parts Names

■ Indoor Unit
Fan steps
Filter cleaning indication
2 steps
Do not direct the airflow at plants or caged pets.
Ventilate the room frequently. If the unit is operated continu-
ously in a closed room for a long period of time, the air will
become stale.
In case of failure
Never remodel the air conditioner. Consult your dealer for any
repair service. Improper repair work can result in water
leakage, electric shock, fire, etc.
If the remote controller displays an error indication, the air
conditioner does not run, or there is any abnormality, stop
operation and contact your dealer. Leaving the unit as it is
under such conditions can result in fire or failure.
If the power breaker is frequently activated, get in touch with
your dealer. Leaving it as it is can result in fire or failure.
If the refrigeration gas blows out or leaks, stop the operation of
the air conditioner, thoroughly ventilate the room, and contact
your dealer. Leaving the unit as it is can result in accidents due
to oxygen deficiency.
When the air conditioner is not to be used for a long time
If the air conditioner is not to be used for a long time due to a
seasonal change, etc., run it for 4 - 5 hours with the air blowing
until the inside is completely dry. Failing to do so can result in
the growth of unhygienic, unhealthy mold in scattered areas
throughout the room.
When it is not to be used for an extended time, keep the [power
supply] turned OFF.
If the power supply is kept on, several watts or several tens of
watts will be wasted. Also, the accumulation of dust, etc., can
result in fire.
Keep the power switched ON for more than 12 hours before
starting operation. Do not turn the power supply OFF during
seasons of heavy use. Doing so can result in failure.
1.3. Disposing of the unit
When you need to dispose of the unit, consult your dealer. If pipes
are removed incorrectly, refrigerant (fluorocarbon gas) may blow
out and come into contact with your skin, causing injury. Releasing
refrigerant into the atmosphere also damages the environment.
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