HUSTLER FasTrak Super 928192 Owner's Manual: General Information

Hustler lawn mower owner's manual.
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This manual applies to the following Hustler equipment lines:
Hustler Mini Z 36/42
FasTrak Super Duty 36/42
To the new owner
The purpose of this manual is to assist owners and operators in
maintaining and operating the Hustler Mini Z tractor and deck. Please read
it carefully; information and instructions furnished can help you achieve
years of dependable performance.
A separate Engine Owner's Manual is included with your owner's
packet which contains additional engine information that will not be
repeated in this manual. You are urged to read it before attempting any
operation or repair of the engine.
The Quick Reference Decals are designed to give the operator brief
information needed in the daily operation of the machine. These decals are
not intended to be used in place of this manual but instead are to be used as
an extension of this manual. These decals should not be removed or
obliterated. Replace these decals if they become unreadable.
It is the owner's responsibility to make certain that the operators and
mechanics read and understand this manual and the Quick Reference
Decals before operating this machine. It is also the owner's responsibility
to make certain that the operators and mechanics are qualified and
physically able individuals, properly trained in the operation of this
equipment. All operators and mechanics must become familiar with the
safe operation of its equipment, operator controls and safety signs before
operating the equipment.
Never let children or untrained people operate or service the equipment.
Local regulations may restrict the age of the operator.
The owner/user can prevent and is responsible accidents or injuries
occurring to themselves, other people or property.
IMPORTANT: For more detailed maintenance and adjustment
information refer to the proper parts manual for your machine. Refer to the
Product Literature section of this manual for ordering information.
Using this manual
General operation, adjustment and maintenance guidance is outlined for
both the experienced and novice Hustler user. Operating conditions vary
considerably and cannot all be addressed individually. Through
experience, however, operators should find no difficulty in developing
good operating skills suitable to most conditions.
Directions used in this manual, for example RIGHT or LEFT, refer to
directions when seated on tractor facing forward, unless otherwise stated.
IMPORTANT: This engine is not equipped with a spark arrester muffler. It is a violation of California Public Resource Code Section 4442 to use or
operate this engine on any forest-covered, brush-covered, or grass-covered unimproved land. Other states or federal areas may have similar laws.
This spark ignition system complies with Canadian ICES-002.
The enclosed Engine Owner's Manual is supplied for information regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California
Emission Control Regulation of emission systems, maintenance and warranty.
Keep this Engine Owner's Manual with your unit. Should the Engine Owner's Manual become damaged or illegible, replace immediately.
Replacements may be ordered per the information found in the Product Information section of this manual.


The engine exhaust from this product
contains chemicals known to the State
of California to cause cancer, birth
defects or other reproductive harm.
Photographs and illustrations used were current at the time of printing,
but subsequent production changes may cause your machine to vary
slightly in detail. Hustler Turf Equipment reserves the right to redesign and
change the machine as deemed necessary, without notification. If a change
has been made to your machine which is not reflected in this owner's
manual, or the parts manual, see your Hustler dealer for current information
and parts.
Warranty registration
The Delivery and Warranty Registration form must be completed and
signed to validate your warranty protection. As the new equipment owner,
you are expected to see that the form is completed and forwarded to Hustler
Turf Equipment at time of delivery.
Be sure to register the tractor plus each attachment that displays a model
and serial identification number plate with Hustler Turf Equipment.
IMPORTANT: Any unauthorized modification, alteration, or use of
non-approved attachments voids the warranty and releases Hustler Turf
Equipment from any liability arising from subsequent use of this
Model and serial number
Tractor model and serial numbers are found on the serial identification
plate, located on the frame directly below and to the right of the operator's
These numbers are required on the Warranty Registration form. They
will also assure you of the correct service parts when replacement becomes
Parts and service
Use original Hustler replacement parts only. These parts are available
through your local Hustler dealer. To obtain prompt, efficient service,
always provide the following information when ordering parts:
1. Correct part description
2. Correct model number.
3. Correct serial number.
All warranty repair and service must be handled through an authorized
Hustler dealer. Arrangements should be made through your local service


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