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Working Techniques; General Working Instructions - Husqvarna 326ES Operator's Manual

Husqvarna edger operator's manual
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General working instructions

This section describes the basic safety rules for working
with edgers.
If you encounter a situation where you are uncertain
how to proceed you should ask an expert. Contact your
dealer or your service workshop.
Avoid all usage which you consider to be beyond your
WARNING! The machine can cause
serious personal injury. Read the safety
instructions carefully. Learn how to use
the machine.
WARNING! A faulty cutting attachment
may increase the risk of accidents.
WARNING! Cutting tool. Do not touch the
tool without first switching off the
Personal protection
Always wear boots and other equipment described
under the heading Personal protective equipment.
Always wear working clothes and heavy-duty long
Never wear loose clothing or jewellery.
Make sure your hair does not hang below shoulder
Safety instructions regarding the
Never allow children to use the machine.
Ensure that no-one comes closer than 15 m while you
are working.
Never allow anyone else to use the machine without
first ensuring that they have understood the contents
of the operator's manual.
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Safety instructions before starting work
Inspect the working area. Remove all loose objects,
such as stones, broken glass, nails, steel wire, string,
etc. that could be thrown out or become wrapped
around the cutter or cutter guard.
Keep unauthorised persons at a distance. Children,
animals, onlookers and helpers should be kept
outside the safety zone of 15 m. Stop the machine
immediately if anyone approaches.
Check the entire machine before starting. Replace
damaged parts. Check that there are no fuel leaks
and that all guards and covers are complete and
fastened securely. Check all nuts and screws.
Check the blade for cracks or any other damage.
Ensure the blade guard is mounted and not damaged.
Check that the blade and blade guard are correctly
When adjusting the carburettor, make sure the blade
is held against the ground and that no one is in the
immediate vicinity.
Make sure the blade does not rotate when idling.
Make sure that the handle and safety features are in
good working order. Never use a machine that lacks a
part or has been modified outside its specifications.
Only use the machine for the purpose it was intended
Basic safety rules
Look around you:
To ensure that people, animals or other things cannot
affect your control of the machine.
1151020-95 Rev. 2 2008-03-10



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