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Gear Housing - Husqvarna 123HD60, 123HD65 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna hedge trimmer operator's manual
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WARNING! The inside of the muffler contain
chemicals that may be carcinogenic. Avoid
contact with these elements in the event of a
damaged muffler.
WARNING! Bear in mind that:
The exhaust fumes from the engine are hot
and may contain sparks which can start a
fire. Never start the machine indoors or near
combustible material!
To ensure good cutting results it is important that the contact
pressure between the blades is correct. The contact pressure
is adjusted by turning the screws on the underside of the bar
clockwise as far as they will go. Then turn the screws
anticlockwise a 1/4 turn. Lock the screws using the locking nut
on the top of the bar. Check that the screws are loose enough
to allow the washers under the screw heads to slide sideways.
When the blades are correctly adjusted the play between the
blades should be 0,2–0,4 mm, measured at the screws.
The edges of the blades are too hard to be filed. Dull blades
should be sharpened using a grinder.
Replace the blades if they are bent or damaged.
Blade guard
The blade guard (A) is intended to protect against any part of
the body coming into contact with the blades (B).
Check that the blade guard is not damaged or distorted.
Replace the blade guard if it is bent or damaged.

Gear housing

The gear housing gets hot when the machine has been in
use. To avoid burning yourself do not touch the gear housing.
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