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Electrolux EDC78550W User Manual page 3

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petrol, kerosene, spot removers, turpen-
tine, waxes and wax removers should be
washed in hot water with an extra
amount of detergent before being dried in
the tumble dryer.
• Danger of explosion: Never tumble dry
items that have been in contact with
flammable solvents (petrol, methylated
spirits, dry cleaning fluid and the like). As
these substances are volatile, they could
cause an explosion. Only tumble dry
items washed with water.
• Risk of fire: items that have been spot-
ted or soaked with vegetable or cooking
oil constitute a fire hazard and should not
be placed in the tumble dryer.
• If you have washed your laundry with
stain remover you must execute an extra
rinse cycle before loading your tumble
• Please make sure that no gas lighters or
matches have accidentally been left in
pockets of garments incase they are loa-
ded into appliance
• Risk of fire! Never stop a tumble
dryer before the end of the drying
cycle unless all items are quickly
removed and spread out so that
the heat is dissipated.
• Lint must not be allowed to accu-
mulate around the tumble dryer.
• Risk of electric shock! Do not spray
down the appliance with jets of water.
• The final part of a tumble dryer cycle oc-
curs without heat ( cool down cycle ) to
ensure that the items are left at a temper-
ature that ensures that items will not be
• The tumble dryer is not to be used if in-
dustrial chemicals have been used for
• Ensure you have good ventilation in the
installation room to avoid the back flow of
gases into the room from appliances
burning other fuels, including open fires.
• Oil affected items can ignite spontane-
ously, especially when exposed to heat
sources such as in a tumble dryer. If the
heat cannot escape, the items can be-
come hot enoughto catch fire. Piling,
stacking or storing oil affcted items can
prevent heat from escaping and so cre-
ate a fire hazard.
• If it is unavoidable that fabrics that con-
tain vegetabe or cooking oil or have been
contaminated by hair care products be
placed in a tumble dryer they should first
be washed in hot water with extra deter-
gent - this will reduce but not eliminate
the hazard.
• This appliance is heavy. Care should be
taken when moving it.
• When unpacking the appliance, check
that it is not damaged. If in doubt, do not
use it and contact the Service Centre.
• All packaging must be removed before
use. Serious damage can occur to the
product and to property if this is not ad-
hered to. See relevant section in the user
• Any electrical work required to install this
appliance should be carried out by a
qualified electrician or competent person.
• If the machine is situated on a carpeted
floor, please adjust the feet in order to al-
low air to circulate freely under the appli-
• After having installed the appliance,
check that it is not pressing or standing
on its electrical supply cable.
• If the tumble dryer is placed on top of a
washing machine, it is compulsory to use
the stacking kit (optional accessory).
• This appliance is designed for domestic
use. It must not be used for purposes
other than those for which it was de-
• Only wash fabrics which are designed to
be machine dried. Follow the instructions
on each garment label.
• Do not dry unwashed items in the tumble
• Do not overload the appliance. See the
relevant section in the user manual.
• Clothes which are dripping wet should
not be placed in the dryer.
• Garments which have been in contact
with volatile petroleum products should
not be machine dried. If volatile cleaning
fluids are used, care should be taken to
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