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Service; Warranty - Electrolux EDC78550W User Manual

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If there are technical faults, first check if you
can remedy the problem yourself with the
help of the operating instructions - see
chapter What to do if....
If you cannot remedy the problem on your
own, get in touch with the Customer Care
Department or one of our service partners.
To assist you quickly, these data are neces-
– Model description
– Product number (PNC)
– Serial number (S No. is on rating plate
stuck to the product - to find it see chapter
Product description))


This document sets out the terms and
conditions of the product warranties
for Electrolux Appliances. It is an im-
portant document. Please keep it with
your proof of purchase documents in a
safe place for future reference should
you require service for your Appliance.
1. In this warranty
a) 'acceptable quality' as referred to in
clause 10 of this warranty has the
same meaning referred to in the
b) 'ACL' means Trade Practices
Amendment (Australian Consumer
Law) Act (No.2) 2010;
c) 'Appliance' means any Electrolux
product purchased by you accom-
panied by this document;
d) 'ASC' means Electrolux' authorised
serviced centres;
e) 'Electrolux' means Electrolux Home
Products Pty Ltd of 163 O'Riordan
Street, Mascot, NSW 2020, ABN 51
004 762 341 in respect of Applian-
ces purchased in Australia and
Electrolux (NZ) Limited of 3-5 Niall
Burgess Road, Mount Wellington, in
respect of Appliances purchased in
New Zealand;
– Type of failure
– Any error messages shown by the dis-
So that you have the necessary reference
numbers from your appliance at hand, we
recommend that you write them in here:
Model descrip-
S No:
f) 'major failure' as referred to in
clause 10 of this warranty has the
same meaning referred to in the
ACL and includes a situation when
an Appliance cannot be repaired or
it is uneconomic for Electrolux, at its
discretion, to repair an Appliance
during the Warranty Period;
g) 'Warranty Period' means:
– where the Appliance is used for
personal, domestic or household
use (i.e. normal single family use)
as set out in the instruction man-
ual, the Appliance is warranted
against manufacturing defects in
Australia for 24 months and in
New Zealand for 24 months, fol-
lowing the date of original pur-
chase of the Appliance;
– where the Appliance is used for
commercial purposes (including
being used to directly assist a
business or where the Appliance
is used in a multi-family commu-
nal or share type environment),
the Appliance will then be warran-
ted against manufacturing de-
fects in Australia for 3 months
and in New Zealand for 3
months, following the date of
original purchase of the Appli-
h) 'you' means the purchaser of the
Appliance not having purchased the
Appliance for re-sale, and 'your' has
a corresponding meaning.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents