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LG 47LX9500 Owner's Manual page 21

Led lcd tv / plasma tv
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For more information about NETCAST setup
and troubleshooting, visit http://lgknowledge- Search for NETCAST.
Use a standard LAN cable with this TV. Cat5
or better with a RJ45 connector.
Many network connection problems during set
up can often be fixed by re-setting the router
or modem. After connecting the player to the
home network, quickly power off and/or dis-
connect the power cable of the home network
router or cable modem. Then power on and/or
connect the power cable again.
Depending on the internet service provider
(ISP), the number of devices that can receive
internet service may be limited by the appli-
cable terms of service. For details, contact your
LG is not responsible for any malfunction of
the TV and/or the internet connection feature
due to communication errors/malfunctions
associated with your broadband internet con-
nection, or other connected equipment.
LG is not responsible for problems within your
internet connection.
Some content available through the network
connection may not be compatible with the TV.
If you have questions about such content,
please contact the producer of the content.
You may experience undesired results if the
network connection speed does not meet the
requirements of the content being accessed.
Some internet connection operations may not
be possible due to certain restrictions set by
the Internet service provider (ISP) supplying
your broadband Internet connection.
Any fees charged by an ISP including, without
limitation, connection charges are your respon-
A 10 Base-T or 100 Base-TX LAN port is
required for connection to this TV. If your inter-
net service does not allow for such a connec-
tion, you will not be able to connect the TV.
A DSL modem is required to use DSL service
and a cable modem is required to use cable
modem service. Depending on the access
method of and subscriber agreement with your
ISP, you may not be able to use the internet
connection feature contained in this TV or you
may be limited to the number of devices you
can connect at the same time. (If your ISP
limits subscription to one device, this TV may
not be allowed to connect when a PC is already
The use of a "Router" may not be allowed or
its usage may be limited depending on the
policies and restrictions of your ISP. For details,
contact your ISP directly.
The wireless network operates at 2.4 GHz radio
frequencies that are also used by other house-
hold devices such as cordless telephone,
Bluetooth® devices, microwave oven, and can
be affected by interference from them. It can
be interrupted by the device using 5Ghz radio
frequencies. It is same device with LG wireless
media box, cordless telephone, other Wi-Fi
It may decrease the service speed using
Wireless network by surrounding wireless con-
Turn off all unused network equipment in your
local home network. Some devices may gen-
erate network traffic.
In some instances, placing the access point or
wireless router higher up away from the floor
may improve the reception.
The reception quality over wireless depends on
many factors such as type of the access point,
distance between the TV and access point,
and the location of the TV.
When connecting internet through the wired/
wireless sharing machine, it may interrupt the
connection because of the use limitation and
confirmation of service company.
To connect wireless AP, an AP that supports
the wireless connection is necessary, and the
wireless connection function of the AP needs
to be activated. Please enquire to the AP sup-
plier for the possibility of AP wireless connec-
Please verify the security settings of AP SSID
for wireless AP connection, and enquire to the
AP supplier for the AP SSID security settings.
The TV can become slower or malfunction with
wrong settings of network equipments (wired/
wireless router, hub, etc). Please install cor-
rectly by referring to the manual of the equip-
ment, and set the network.
When AP is set to include 802.11 n(Except for
Russia), and if Encryption is designated as
WEP(64/128bit) or WPA(TKIP/AES), the con-
nection may not be possible. There may be
different connection methods according to the
AP manufacturers.


Table of Contents

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