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Operation - Husqvarna M145 Instruction Manual

Pedestrian-controlled rotary lawnmowers
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Change oil after each season or after 25 hours running time.
Run the engine warm, remove the spark plug lead. Remove
the drain plug from bottom of engine and drain oil. Fill with new
oil. SAE 30 can be used.
Ölwechsel einmal pro Jahr oder nach 25 Betriebsstunden.
Den Motor warm laufen lassen, abstellen und das Zündker-
zenkabel abziehen. Die Ölablaßschraube an der Unterseite
des Motors entfernen und das Öl ablassen. Danach neues Öl
auffüllen SAE 30.
Changez l'huile à chaque saison ou après 25 heures de marche.
Allumez le moteur, arrêtez-le et enlevez le câble d'allumage.
Enlevez le bouchon de vidange sous le moteur et vider l'huile.
Puis remplissez avec de l'huile neuve (les huiles SAE 30 sont
Cambiar el aceite cada temporada, o después de 25 horas de
funcionamiento. Dejar funcionar el motor hasta que se caliente,
pararlo y quitar el cable de encendido. Quitar el tapón de
drenaje del lado inferior del motor y dejar salir el aceite. Poner
después aceite nuevo. Pueden utilizarse los aceites SAE 30.
Ververs de olie elk seizoen, of na 25 u rijden. Laat de motor
warmlopen, schakel de motor uit en demonteer de ontstek-
ingskabel. Verwijder de aftapplug op de onderkant van de motor
en tap de olie af. Vul daarna met verse olie: SAE 30.
Sostituire l'olio al termine di ogni stagione, oppure dopo 25 ore
di esercizio. Scaldare il motore, spengerlo e staccare il cavo
della candela. Togliere il tappo di scarico sotto il motore e far
uscire tutto l'olio. Rifornire con olio nuovo SAE 30.
Cleaning of air filter. Slacken the screw, remove the lid and
remove the filter cartridge. Cleanse the fil ter in kerosene. Add
2-3 spoonfuls of oil and spread it evenly through out the filter.
Reinigung des Luftfilters. Schrauben lösen, Deckel abnehmen
und Filtereinsatz herausnehmen.
Nettoyage du filtre à air. Desserez la vis, enlevez le capot et retirez
la cartouche filtrante. Nettoyez le filtre à l'essence. Ajoutez 2 à 3
cuillerées à soupe d'huile et répandez-la bien sur la filtre.
Limpieza del filtro de aire. Soltar el tornillo, quitar la tapa y
extraer el elemento filtrante.
Añadir 2-3 cucharadas soperas de aceite, que se distribuirán
uniformemente por el filtro.
Het schoonmaken van het luchfilter. Draai de schroef los, ver-
wijder de deksel en haal het filter eruit. Maak deze schoon in
petroleum. Doe er daarna 2-3 eetlepels olie in en verdeel deze
goed in het filter.
(3) BODY
Pulizia del filtro. Allentare la vite, togliere il coperchio ed estrarre
il filtro. Pulire il filtro in bagno di petrolio. Aggiungere 2-3 cucchiai
di olio che verra distribuito uniformemente su tutto il filtro.
(1) VIS
(1) VITE
(3) SEDE
Limpiar el filtro con petróleo.
Safe Operation Prac tic es for Pe des tri an-Controlled Rotary Lawnmowers
IMPORTANT: This cutting machine is ca pa ble of am pu tat ing hands and feet and throwing objects.
Failure to observe the following safety instructions could result in serious injury or death.
• Read the instructions carefully. Be fa mil iar with the
con trols and the proper use of the equipment.
• Never allow children or people un fa mil iar with the
ins truc tions to use the lawnmower. Local regulations
may restrict the age of the operator.
• Never mow while people, especially children, or pets
are nearby.
• Keep in mind that the operator or user is responsible
for accidents or hazards occurring to other people or
their property.
II. Preparation
• While mowing, always wear sub stan tial footwear and
long trousers. Do not operate the equipment when
barefoot or wearing open sandals.
• Thoroughly inspect the area where the equipment is to
be used and remove all objects which may be thrown
by the machine.
• WARNING - Petrol is highly flammable.
- Store fuel in containers specifically de signed for this
pur pose.
- Refuel outdoors only and do not smoke while re fu -
el ing.
- Add fuel before starting the engine. Never remove
the cap of the fuel tank or add petrol while the engine
is running or when the en gine is hot.
- If petrol is spilled, do not attempt to start the engine
but move the ma chine away from the area of spillage
and avoid cre at ing any source of ig ni tion until petrol
va pors have dis si pat ed.
- Replace all fuel tanks and container caps se-
cure ly.
• Replace faulty silencers.
• Before using, always visually inspect to see that the
blades, blade bolts and cutter assembly are not worn
or dam aged. Replace worn or damaged blades and
bolts in sets to pre serve balance.
• On multi-bladed machines, take care as rotating one
blade can cause other blades to rotate.
III. Operation
• Do not operate the engine in a confined space where
dan ger ous carbon mon ox ide fumes can collect.
• Mow only in daylight or in good artificial light.
• Avoid operating the equipment in wet grass, where
• Always be sure of your footing on slopes.
• Walk, never run.
• For wheeled rotary machines, mow across the face of
slopes, never up and down.
• Exercise extreme caution when chang ing direction on
• Do not mow excessively steep slopes.
• Use extreme caution when reversing or pulling the
lawnmower towards you.
• Stop the blade if the lawnmower has to be tilted for
trans por ta tion when cross ing surfaces other than grass,
and when transporting the lawnmower to and from the
area to be mowed.
• Never operate the lawnmower with defective guards, or
without safety de vic es, for example deflectors and/or
grass catchers, in place.
• Do not change the engine governor settings or over-
speed the engine. Op er at ing the engine at excessive
speed may increase the hazard of personal injury.
• Disengage all blade and drive clutches before starting
the engine.
• Start the engine or switch on the motor carefully ac-
cording to instructions and with feet well away from
the blade.
• Do not tilt the lawnmower when starting the engine or
switch ing on the motor, except if the lawnmower has
to be tilted for starting. In this case, do not tilt more
than absolutely nec es sary and lift only the part which
is away from the op er a tor.
• Do not start the engine when standing in front of the
discharge chute.
• Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts.
Keep clear of the dis charge opening at all times.
• Never pick up or carry lawnmower while the engine is
• Stop the engine and disconnect the spark plug wire:
- before cleaning blockages or un clog ging chute;
- before checking, cleaning or work ing on the lawn-
- after striking a foreign object. Inspect the lawnmower
for damage and make repairs before re start ing and
op er at ing the lawnmower;
- if the lawnmower starts to vibrate abnormally (check
im me di ate ly).
• Stop the engine:
- whenever you leave the lawnmower;
- before refuelling.
• Reduce the throttle setting during en gine shut down
and, if the engine is provided with a shut-off valve, turn
the fuel off at the conclusion of mowing.
• Go slow when using a trailing seat.
IV. Maintenance and Storage
• Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be sure the
equip ment is in safe work ing condition.
• Never store the equipment with petrol in the tank inside
a building where fumes may reach an open flame or
• Allow the engine to cool before storing in any enclo-
• To reduce the fire hazard, keep the engine, silencer,
battery compartment and petrol storage area free of
grass, leaves, or excessive grease.
• Check the grass catcher frequently for wear or de te -
ri o ra tion.
• Replace worn or damaged parts for safety.
• If the fuel tank has to be drained, this should be done

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