Preparing Cappuccino; Dispensing Hot Water; Care & Cleaning; Before Cleaning The Espresso Machine - KitchenAid 5KES2102 Instructions Manual

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uSINg thE ESPrESSo machINE
barista tips
• Clean the frothing arm and nozzle immediately after
use. See the "Care and cleaning" section.
• Lower fat milks are generally easier to froth. Skim milk
can be tricky because it froths very easily, with a tendency
to form large bubbles and dry peaks that mar its texture.

Preparing cappuccino

To prepare cappuccino, froth and steam the milk before
brewing the espresso. This allows the froth to jell slightly
and fully separate from the milk. Once the milk is prepared,
brew one cup (30 ml) of espresso into a cappuccino cup,

Dispensing hot water

Hot water can also be dispensed from the frothing arm. This
provides a convenient way to make Americanos, tea, or hot
chocolate. Filling a demitasse with hot water is also a great
way to warm it before brewing espresso.
NotE: Always dispense hot water into an empty container –
dispensing into a cup or jug containing other ingredients may
cause splattering.
1. Press the "
" button to turn the Espresso Machine on.
2. Wait until the Espresso Machine has reached operating
temperature; this will take about 6 minutes. When the
frothing boiler temperature gauge needle climbs into the
" zone, the Espresso Machine is ready to dispense
hot water.
3. With the frothing arm pointed into an empty cup, open the
" dial by turning it slowly counterclockwise. Then press
and hold the "
" button to dispense water.
carE aND clEaNINg
Keeping the Artisan Espresso Machine clean is vital to brewing the best espresso possible. Stale coffee oils on the filter holder,
filter baskets, and shower screen will ruin the flavor of the most expertly prepared coffee, and any milk left on the frothing arm
should be removed.

before cleaning the Espresso machine

1. Turn off the Espresso Machine.
2. Unplug the Espresso Machine from the wall outlet,
or disconnect power.

cleaning the frothing arm and nozzle

The frothing arm and nozzle should always be cleaned after
milk is frothed.
1. Remove the frothing sleeve from the frothing nozzle by
pulling it downward. The frothing sleeve can be washed in
warm, soapy water. Make sure any openings in the sleeve
are free of residue.
2. Wipe the frothing arm and nozzle with a clean damp cloth.
Do not use an abrasive scouring pad.
3. Plug into a grounded outlet.
4. Turn the Espresso Machine on, and let the boilers reach
operating temperature. Point the frothing arm into an
empty cup and open the "
steam through the frothing nozzle. This will clean the
nozzle tip.
W10553375A_ENv7.indd 9
" dial momentarily to run
Ultimately, the choice of milk is a matter of experimentation
and taste. The most important factors in producing a superior
froth are experience and good refrigeration: the colder the
milk you use, the better.
then pour the frothed and steamed milk into the cup with
a gentle shaking motion. For a show-stopping flourish, top
your cappuccino with chocolate shavings.
NotE: Residual frothing steam may exit the nozzle before
water dispenses. It may take several seconds for water to begin
flowing from the nozzle.
4. When the desired amount of water has been dispensed,
release the "
" button and close the "
it clockwise until it stops.
3. Let the Espresso Machine, and any attached parts
or accessories, cool.
" dial by turning
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Table of Contents

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