Using The Espresso Machine Brewing Espresso - KitchenAid 5KES2102 Instructions Manual

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PrEParINg thE ESPrESSo machINE For uSE
10. When the jug is about half full, release the "
and close the "
" dial by rotating it clockwise until it
stops. The frothing boiler is now ready for use.
uSINg thE ESPrESSo machINE
brewing espresso
For the finest results when brewing espresso, see "Before
Brewing: The Elements of a Great Espresso" section.
1. Make certain the water tank has an adequate supply of
water (the water level should be between the "max" and
"min" fill lines).
2. Select the small or large capacity filter basket. Use the
small capacity basket for one cup (30 ml) of espresso, and
the large capacity basket for two cups (60 ml). The small
capacity basket can be used with paper coffee pods.
3. Press the filter basket into the filter holder until it snaps
into place. Do not fill the filter holder with coffee at
this time.
4. Position the filter holder underneath the brew head and
align the filter holder handle with the "
of the metal trim ring. Raise the filter holder into the brew
head, then move the filter holder handle to the right so
that it aligns with the "
W10553375A_ENv7.indd 7
" button
" on the left side
" on the metal trim ring.
11. If no espresso is desired at this time, press the "
button to turn the Espresso Machine off.
NotE: Do not press the "
water in the tank. Damage to the water pump may occur.
5. Press the "
" button to turn the Espresso Machine on.
6. Wait until the Espresso Machine has reached operating
temperature; this will take approximately 6 minutes.
When the espresso boiler temperature gauge needle climbs
into the "
" zone, the Espresso Machine is ready to brew.
7. Remove the filter holder from the brew head by moving
the handle to the left. Place one level measure of ground
coffee (or a paper coffee pod) in the small filter basket,
or two measures of ground coffee in the large basket. Be
sure to use a fine espresso-style grind for your coffee.
8. Using the tamper, tamp the coffee down firmly with a
twisting motion. Make sure the surface of the coffee is as
level as possible. See "Leveling" and "Tamping" sections
for more details.
9. Sweep any excess grinds from the rim of the filter holder,
and insert the filter holder into the brew head.
10. Place one or two espresso cups on the drip plate under
the spouts of the filter holder. Press the "
espresso will start to flow into cups. When the desired
amount of espresso has been brewed, press the "
button to stop brewing.
NotE: Do not remove the filter holder when brewing.
" or "
" buttons without
" button, and
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents