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Outdoor Sensor (Optional) - Mitsubishi Electric MIFH1 Installation Manual

Controller kit
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Wireless System Installation Guide
Mount remote controller & outdoor sensor
1 Separate the wallplate from the remote controller.
2 Mount the wallplate using the included screws and anchors 5 feet from the floor on
an interior wall. If the remote controller is configured to sense indoor temperature,
mount in the same room as the indoor unit.
Drill 3/16" holes for drywall.
Drill 7/32" holes for plaster.
3 Snap the remote controller to the wallplate on the wall.

Outdoor sensor (optional)

Mount the sensor on a vertical exterior wall, at least 6 inches below any
overhang. Choose a location protected from direct sunlight.
RedLINK™ error codes
E0 27
Verify device temperature is within operating range. If within range for at least 30
minutes and problem persists, replace Remote Controller.
E0 91
Communication was established between wireless receiver and the indoor unit,
but communication has been lost for 10 minutes. Check cable connection. Try
replacing the cable.
E1 29
Attempting to connect incompatible wireless devices.
E1 34
Low signal strength. Move wireless device to a different location and try again.
E1 38
Make sure Connect light on wireless receiver is flashing and you are 2+ feet away
from wireless receiver.
E1 54
Indoor unit does not support wireless receiver.
For full list of error codes, please refer to your equipment's technical service manual.
Place sensor securely
in bracket, facing
away from wall.

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