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Troubleshooting; Warranty - Hoover SteamVac Instructions Manual

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Use the list below to help solve minor problems.
What's the
Carpet cleaner won't run
Low suction during floor
Cleaning solution won't
Brushes won't rotate
Low suction in hose during
tool use
What to do
Make sure the carpet cleaner
is plugged in firmly.
Check the fuse or breaker.
Empty the recovery tank; it
may be full and the auto-
matic shut-off engaged.
Make sure recovery tank and
lid are properly installed and
securely latched.
Hose/tool wand is securely
in position in the floor
Check lint filter (Fig. 12) and
remove any debris.
Make sure solution tank is
fully inserted and securely in
Refill the solution tank if it is
Handle is not fully in the
operating position. (Brushes
operate only with the handle
in upright, floor cleaning
Circuit breaker tripped. Turn
unit off and unplug. Check
for obstructions in the agita-
tor brush roll (Fig. 33). Wait
for one minute; turn the car-
pet cleaner on and continue
Make sure tool is securely
attached to tool connector.
Make sure handle is in
upright, storage position.
Empty the recovery tank; it
may be full and the auto-
matic shut-off engaged.
Make sure recovery tank and
lid are properly installed and
securely latched.
Check lint filter (Fig. 12) and
Full One Year


(Domestic Use)
Your HOOVER® appliance is war-
ranted in normal household use, in
accordance with the Owner's
Manual against original defects in
material and workmanship for a
period of one full year from date of
purchase. This warranty provides, at
no cost to you, all labor and parts to
place this appliance in correct operat-
ing condition during the warranted
period. This warranty applies when
the appliance is purchased in the
United States including its territories
and possessions, or in Canada or
from a U. S. Military Exchange.
Appliances purchased elsewhere are
covered by a limited one year war-
ranty which covers the cost of parts
only. This warranty does not apply if
the appliance is used in a commercial
or rental application.
This warranty only applies when the
product is in use in the country or
territory in which it is purchased.
Warranty service can only be
obtained by presenting the appliance
to one of the following authorized
warranty service outlets. Proof of
purchase will be required before ser-
vice is rendered.
1. Hoover Sales and Service
2. Hoover Authorized Warranty
Service Dealers (Depots).
For an automated referral of autho-
rized service outlets in the U.S.A.,
phone 1-800-944-9200 OR
visit Hoover on-line at
This warranty does not cover pick
up delivery, or house calls; however,
if you mail your appliance to a
Hoover Sales and Service Center for
warranty service, transportation will
be paid one way.
While this warranty gives you spe-
cific legal rights, you may also have
other rights which vary from state to
If further assistance is needed, or if
there are questions concerning this
warranty or the availability of war-
ranty service outlets, phone the
Consumer Response Center,
Phone 1-330-499-9499.
In Canada, contact Hoover Canada,
Burlington, Ontario L7R 4A8,

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