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How To Use This Manual; Safety - Kärcher CV71/2 Operating Instructions Manual

Electric motor powered, wide area vacuum.
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This manual contains the following sections:


The HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL section will tell
you how to find important information for ordering
correct repair parts.
Parts may be ordered from authorized Windsor
dealers. When placing an order for parts, the
machine model and machine serial number are
important. Refer to the MACHINE DATA box which
is filled out during the installation of your machine.
The MACHINE DATA box is located on the inside of
the front cover of this manual.
The model and serial number of your machine is on
the bottom back-end of the machine.
The SAFETY section contains important information
regarding hazard or unsafe practices of the
machine. Levels of hazards is identified that could
result in product or personal injury, or severe injury
resulting in death.
The OPERATIONS section is to familiarize the
operator with the operation and function of the
The MAINTENANCE section contains preventive
maintenance to keep the machine and its
components in good working condition. They are
listed in this general order:
The PARTS LIST section contains assembled parts
illustrations and corresponding parts list. The parts
lists include a number of columns of information:
NOTE: If a service or option kit is installed on your
machine, be sure to keep the KIT INSTRUCTIONS
which came with the kit. It contains replacement
parts numbers needed for ordering future parts.
86309230 CV71/2 02/19/08
Belt/Brush Motor
Vac Motor and Filters
Vac Motor Carbon Brushes
Brush Motor
Carbon Brush
Daily Maintenance
Regular/Periodic Maintenance
REF – column refers to the reference
number on the parts illustration.
PART NO. – column lists the part
number for the part.
PRV NO. – reference number.
QTY – column lists the quantity of the
part used in that area of the machine.
DESCRIPTION – column is a brief
description of the part.
SERIAL NO. FROM – column indicates
the first machine the part number is
applicable to. When the machine design
has changed, this column will indicate
serial number of applicable machine.
The main illustration shows the most
current design of the machine. The
boxed illustrations show older designs. If
column has an asterisk (*), call
manufacturer for serial number.
NOTES – column for information not
noted by the other columns.


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