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Safety Instructions; Important; Personal Protective Equipment - Husqvarna 326SX-Series Operator's Manual

Husqvarna edger operator's manual
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The machine is only designed for sweeping lawns,
pathways, asphalt roads and the like.
Never use the machine if you are tired, if you have drunk
alcohol, or if you are taking medication that could affect your
vision, your judgement or your co-ordination.
Never use the machine in extreme weather conditions such
as severe cold, very hot and/or humid climates.
Wear personal protective equipment. See instructions
under the heading Personal protective equipment.
Never use a machine that has been modified in any way
from its original specification.
Never use a machine that is faulty. Carry out the checks,
maintenance and service instructions described in this
manual. Some maintenance and service measures must be
carried out by trained and qualified specialists. See
instructions under the heading Maintenance.
All covers and guards must be fitted before starting. Ensure
that the spark plug cap and ignition lead are undamaged to
avoid the risk of electric shock.
WARNING! Never allow children to use or be
in the vicinity of the machine. As the
machine is equipped with a spring-loaded
stop switch and can be started by low speed
and force on the starter handle, even small
children under some circumstances can
produce the force necessary to start the
machine. This can mean a risk of serious
personal injury. Therefore remove the spark
plug cap when the machine is not under
close supervision.

Personal protective equipment

A sweeper can be dangerous if used incorrectly or
carelessly, and can cause serious or fatal injury to the
operators or others. It is extremely important that you read
and understand the contents of this operator's manual.
You must use approved personal protective equipment
whenever you use the machine. Personal protective
equipment cannot eliminate the risk of injury but it will
reduce the degree of injury if an accident does happen. Ask
your dealer for help in choosing the right equipment.
WARNING! Listen out for warning signals or
shouts when you are wearing hearing
protection. Always remove your hearing
protection as soon as the engine stops.
6 –


Wear hearing protection that provides adequate noise
Always wear approved eye protection. If you use a visor then
you must also wear approved protective goggles. Approved
protective goggles must comply with standard ANSI Z87.1 in
the USA or EN 166 in EU countries.
Gloves should be worn when necessary, e.g., when fitting
cutting attachments.
Wear a dust mask.
Wear sturdy, non-slip boots.
Wear clothes made of a strong fabric and avoid loose clothing
that can catch on twigs and branches. Always wear heavy,
long pants. Do not wear jewellery, shorts sandals or go
barefoot. Secure hair so it is above shoulder level.
Always have a first aid kit nearby.



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