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Using The Touch Pen - LG AN-TP300 Owner's Manual

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Using The Touch Pen

Things to Know Before Pairing
ꔈThis program allows pairing of up to two pens and one dongle.
ꔈIf you want to use two pens simultaneously, they must be paired with your PC one at a time.
ꔈPairing is not possible if a paired pen is currently in use.
ꔈIf you pair a new Touch Pen when two pens have already been paired with your PC, all the previous pairing
data will be deleted.
ꔈYou cannot use a Touch Pen when it is charging.
Removing a Touch Pen in Use (How to Reset a Touch Pen)
1. Press the Touch Home button on the Touch Pen and check that the red LED blinks once.
2. Press and hold the Touch Home and Power buttons on the Touch Pen simultaneously for 4 seconds.
3. Release them after 4 seconds, the red light will blink three times and the reset is completed.
Touch Pen Functions (If the dongle is connected to the PC)
Once paired, you can use the Touch Pen in the following ways.
1. Pressing the Touch Home button while using the Touch Pen
In the Pentouch program: Shows or hides the toolbar of the Sketchbook feature.
In Windows: Works in the same way as the right-click function.
Point the Touch Pen toward what you want to right-click and press the button.
2. The double-click function may not work as intended in Windows XP or Windows Vista.
Use the Touch Home function (right-click).
3. The Touch Pen works in the same way as the mouse works in Windows.
Replacing Tips
Insert a new tip to the separated tip holder and
assemble the Touch Pen.
Tip Holder
With the TV, charging begins when the TV power is switched on. Charging is not possible in
standby mode.
To Charge the Touch Pen
1. To charge the Touch Pen on the cradle
2. To charge the Touch Pen directly


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