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Maintenance; Transportation; Storage - Husqvarna 115 24 05-95 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna blower operator's manual
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1. In order to maintain your product in proper working
order, perform the maintenance and checking
operations described in the manual at regular
2. Always be sure to turn off the engine and
disconnect the spark plug before performing any
maintenance or checking procedures.
The metallic parts, engine cover, and area around
the engine reach high temperatures immediately
after stopping the engine.
3. Examine the blower at intervals for loose fasteners
and rusted or damaged parts. Use special care
around the fuel line, the muffler, and the ignition
4. All engine service except for those described in this
manual should be performed by competent service
personnel. Improper service to the blower fan and
muffler could cause a hazardous failure.
5. When replacing the any other part or any lubricant,
always be sure to use only Husqvarna products or
products which have been certified by Husqvarna
for use with the Husqvarna product.
6. In the event that any part must be replaced or any
maintenance or repair work not described in this
manual must be performed, please contact the
nearest Husqvarna servicing dealer for assistance.
7. Do not use any accessory or attachment other than
those bearing the Husqvarna mark and
recommended for the unit.
8. Under no circumstances should you ever take apart
the product or alter it in any way. Doing so might
result in the product becoming damaged during
operation or the product becoming unable to
operate properly.
Safety Precautions




Drain the fuel from the fuel tank before
transporting or storing the blower.
Secure the blower so that it does nor receive
damage from shock doing transportation.
Do not apply strong forces to the blower, such
as throwing it or dropping it. Doing so in
validates the warranty.
When storing the blower, choose a space
indoors, dry, cool and dark, well-ventilated, free
from dust and out of reach of children.



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