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JBL LSR6300 Series Technical Note page 5

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Figure 12. Effect of port contours on output
of system.
Figure 13. Power compression due to voice coil
heating in LSR6332 system.
at 1 watt. At 100 watts input, the power compression is
less than 1.5 dB.
Time Domain Performance:
In today's systems engineering, all causes of excess
phase shift through the system are identified and
reduced to their lowest practicable values. The
greatest offenders here have historically been
loudspeakers. With reasonable care in baffle layout
and well designed dividing network topology,
deviations can be kept to a minimum. Amplitude and
phase plots for the LSR6332 are shown in Figure 14.
The group delay through the system is given below:
Delay (seconds) = − d φ /d θ
where φ i s the phase shift in radians and θ is the
angular frequency in radians per second. The portion
of the phase plot from about 100 Hz to 5000 Hz has a
uniform slope, indicating that the time delay behavior
of the system will be constant over that range. The
frequency extremes deviate slightly from this constant
value, but are consistent with the respective LF and
HF rolloffs.
Figure 14. Phase and amplitude response of the
LSR6332 system.
5. Detailed Performance of the LSR6328P
Overview of System:
Two-way powered system with 200 mm (8 in) diameter
LF driver
Maximum peak SPL (80 Hz – 20 kHz): 111 dB SPL at
1 meter
Numerous LF and HF shelving frequency controls
Nominal frequency response: 50 Hz – 20 kHz,
+1 dB, −1.5 dB
One parametric section for room mode correction
System dimensions (W × H × L): 406 × 330 × 325 mm
(16 × 13 × 12.75 in)
System weight: 17.7 kg (39 lb)
Integral M6 mounting points and handles
Response Uniformity:
The 200 mm (8 in) LF driver maintains smooth
response up to 2 kHz, which allows it to cross over
smoothly with the HF driver in the range of 1.7 kHz in
a Linkwitz-Riley configuration, as shown in Figure 15.
The frequency division has been realized
Figure 15. LF and HF contributions in response
of the LSR6328P system.
Time Domain Performance:
As a 2-way system, the time domain performance of
the LSR6328P will show a slight deviation in the
uniformity of the phase plot, as compared with the 3-



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