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Before Starting The Engine; Using The Product - Husqvarna 115 09 83-95 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna blower operator's manual
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• Each time before starting the engine, inspect the
entire unit to see if every part is in good order and is
securely tightened in place. If any damage is found
in the fuel line, the exhaust line, or the ignition wiring,
do not use the blower until it has been repaired.
Before starting operation, always make sure to
check if any obstacles are left inside the volute
case and net. The obstacles may cause serious
injury or damage to fan and volute case.
Check to see if the shock-absorbers <A> have
become cracked or otherwise damaged. Note that
failing to replace these rubber and spring mounts
when they have become cracked or damaged may
cause the engine to come loose from its frame during
use, thus resulting in possible serious bodily injury.
If cracked, be sure to replace without delay.
To reduce the risk of injury associated with contact-
ing rotating parts, stop the engine before installing
or removing attachments. Never take off the Guard
Net <B>.
Always disconnect the spark plug before performing
maintenance or accessing movable parts.


While using the product, if abnormal noise or
vibration occurs, stop the engine immediately and
contact the nearest Husqvarna servicing dealer
for assistance. Checking the fan is very important.
If the rotating fan should break up, it will lead to
serious accidents.
1. Check the work area that the blower will be used in
and remove or cover all valuables that may be
damaged by the air blast or thrown debris.
Safety Precautions
[150BT/BF] [170BT/BF]
[150BT/BF] [170BT/BF]
2. To reduce the risk of injury associated with thrown
a) Watch out for children, pets, open windows or
freshly washed cars, and blow debris safely
b) Use the full blower tube extension so the air
stream can work close to the ground.
c) Do not allow bystanders in work area.
d) Do not point the
blower tube in
the direction of
people or pets
e) Always check to
be sure that no
debris has been blown onto someone else's
f) Pay attention to the direction of the wind, do not
work against the wind.
3. To minimize blowing time.
a) Use rakes and brooms to loosen debris before
b) In dusty conditions, slightly dampen surfaces or
use a mister attachment when water is available.
c) Conserve water by using power blowers instead
of hoses for many lawn and garden applications,
including areas such as gutters, screens, patios,
grills, porches and gardens.
4. The blower must not be used
while on a ladder or scaffolding.
5. Never put the machine down with
the engine running unless you
have it in clear sight.
6. Never touch the spark plug or plug
cord while the engine is in
operation. Doing so may result in
being subjected to an electrical
7. Never touch the muffler, spark
plug, or other metallic parts of the
engine, or area around the engine
cover while the engine is in
operation or immediately after
shutting down the engine. These
metallic parts reach high
temperatures during operation
and doing so could result in
serious burns.
The temperature of the machine
may increase after stopping the
engine. Especially never forget to
cool down the engine before refu-
eling the machine.
8. If the engine catches fire or in any other emergency
situation that requires you to free yourself from the
machine, open the buckle in the waist belt and drop
the machine backward.
9. After using blowers and other equipment, CLEAN
UP! Dispose of debris in trash receptacles.


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