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Frigidaire Valencia Important Instructions & Operating Manual page 9

Wide screen log flame wall hanging electric fireplace
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Remote Control
The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries, which are not included.
Point the remote control directly at the fireplace.
The range is about 11.5 feet.
Replacing the Light Bulb
This fireplace consists of 4 bulbs (E-12, 40W) that illuminate a flame effect. The light bulbs need
to be replaced if you notice a dark section of the flame or when the flames lose clarity.
Warning - Always disconnect from the power outlet before removing bulbs to reduce the risk of
fire, electric shock or damage to property.
Warning - The bulb reaches high temperatures during operation. Allow it to cool down before
replacing it.
This process requires 2 people.
Un-mount the fireplace and carefully lay it flat on the floor.
Access the bulb by removing the four screws located on the back panel.
Replace the bulb with a new one. Extra caution should be taken because the bulb can be hot.
Close the panel lid using screws.
Warning – Do not use fireplace without properly putting the lid back in place.
For assembly, reverse this process.



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