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Initial Charge; Precautions - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Service Manual

Kawasaki motorcycle.
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Make sure air bubbles [A] are coming up from all six filler
Leave the container this way for 5 minutes or longer.
If no air bubbles are coming up from a filler port, tap [B]
the bottom of the container two or three times. Never
remove the container from the battery.
Fill the electrolyte into battery until the container is
completely emptied.
Be certain that all the electrolyte has flowed out.
Tap the bottom the same way as above if there is any
electrolyte left in the container.
Now pull the container gently out of the battery.
Let the battery sit for 20 minutes. During this time, the
electrolyte permeates the special separators and the gas
generated by chemical reaction is released.
Fit the seal caps [A] tightly into the filler ports until the seal
cap is at the same level as the top of the battery.
Do not hammer. Press down evenly with both hands.
Once you install the seal caps after filling the bat-
tery, never remove it, nor add any water or elec-

Initial Charge

While a sealed battery can be used after only filling with electrolyte, a battery may not be able to
sufficiently move a starter motor to start an engine in the cases shown in the table below, where an
initial charge is required before use. However, if a battery shows a terminal voltage of higher than
12.8 V after 10 minutes of filling (Note 1), no initial charge is necessary.
Condition requiring initial charge
At low temperatures (lower than 0°C)
Battery has been stored in high temperature and humidity.
Seal has been removed, or broken - peeling, tear or hole.
Battery as old as 2 years or more after manufacture.
Battery manufacturing date is printed on battery top.
Note 1: Terminal voltage-To measure battery terminal voltage, use a digital voltmeter.


1) No need of topping-up
No topping-up is necessary in this battery until it ends its life under normal use. Forcibly prying off the
seal cap to add water is very dangerous. Never do that.
2) Refreshing charge
If an engine will not start, a horn sounds weak, or lamps are dim, it indicates the battery has been
discharged. Give refresh charge for 5 to 10 hours with charge current shown in the specification
(see the this chapter).
Mfg. location
Charging method
0.9 A × 2 ∼ 3 hours
0.9 A × 15 ∼ 20 hours


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