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Definition Of Terms - Black & Decker freewire Instruction Manual

Master remote control
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622715-00 Master Remote manual
What is the UNIT CODE?
The unit code allows you to
assign a number (1 - 16) to any
Freewire unit in your home
system. For example, if you
assign the unit code number 5 to
a Lamp Receiver, the lamp will
turn on and off when you activate
the number 5 on your Freewire
remote control. If you want a
multiple of Lamp Receivers to
respond to a single number on
your remote, there is no problem
with setting them all to the same
unit code number.
What is the HOUSE CODE?
The house code prevents
interference with other Freewire
systems that may be in your
neighborhood. When you set
your house code to a letter (A -
P) you are choosing a distinct
communication language
between all parts of your
Freewire system. It is essential
that all units in your Freewire
system are set to the same
house code letter for it to operate
When you first install your
Freewire units it is essential that
you match up the wireless
transmitters (Indoor Remote, Key
Chain Remote, Master Remote
and Motion Detector) with the
plugged in Messenger Hub. This
will synchronize their wireless
communication in a distinct way
that prevents interference with
other Freewire systems that may
be in your neighborhood.
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Why are there COLOR
SEGMENTS on the unit code
The six colors (or zones) help you
to allocate unit codes to various
parts of your house. For example,
if you wanted to control three plug
in lamps in your living room you
might allocate them the unit code
numbers 5, 6 and 7 which are
part of the green segment (green
zone). Green becomes a quick
reference to controlling those
lamps from your remote control.
What are GROUPS?
Groups are shortcut buttons to
operating any combination of up
to four receiver unit codes. For
example, you may wish to create
a 'welcome home' group control.
If you had your entrance light(s)
set to 1, your hall lamp set to 5,
your living room lamp set to 8 and
your kitchen light set to 11 they
could all be turned on/off by a
single group key. It is essential to
first program the group with the
Messenger Hub and Wireless
Remote before you can use this
What does the HOUSE button
When you press HOUSE ON all
the Lamp Receivers and the
Messenger Hub in your Freewire
system will turn on (for safety
reasons, it will not turn on
appliance receivers). When you
press HOUSE OFF any unit in
your Freewire system will turn off
- this is the fast way to turn off all
your Freewire units.



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